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Noisy endo?

Ever since period age my stomach makes horrendous noises, this can be grumbles, bubbles, squeaking ... like everybody does and is usually put down to hunger. Sometimes it can stop me in my tracks due to the pain it causes and other times it doesn't bother me. However, it can usually be heard from the next room and i do get some funny looks as my stomach does a little roar for everybody ... am I just odd or could there be a reason for this?? I dont expect it to be related to endo but everybody i know thinks the noises it makes are ridiculously loud and strange so thought I'd ask here xx

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Have you tried cutting out gluten? My insides always roared, gurgled etc. could be very embarrassing at times. They are as quiet as a mo use since giving up gluten. If you haven't tried it and the endo diet yet I would urge you to give it a go.

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Same for me after going gluten free. It's eerily quiet down there, plus no wind! Never thought I could have such calm.


This actually has a name = borborygmi.

My father was always plagued with it, and mine got worse in my teens. Usually a combination of your own genetics and what foods and drinks you are consuming before hand. My tummy is being very vocal right now, and it is far from hungry. just had a big supper.

it can be louder when you have an intollerance to wheat, barley, lactose etc So playing about with your diet and keeping a diary of effects may show up which if any foods are making things worse for you inside may help calm things down, but the opposite problem of not having any grumbles and rumbles is definitely a sign of problems.

It is normal for everyone to have some degree of noisy guts. Some of us are a lot noisier than others it would seem unfortunately.

If you have other symptoms besides the embarrassment factor then do ask you GP about it, but for the vast majority of people they do get it and do ignore it as there isn't much you can do about once it is in full chorus. It can happen on an empty stomach and full one.

Exams at school and college were the worst times for me. large hall, everyone very quiet then my stomach starts dancing a jig and I try and prod my guts or use my non writing arm to hold my stomach tightly to try and keep the noise from disturbing everyone else and me. i just got used to it, and these days I just ignore it. I might apologise if I am in polite company and my tummy is being over active, but usually I don't bother.


usual answers, give up gluten, give up dairy, well i have and i still get it because i have endo! i get this too, highly embarassing, it sounds like thunder rolling. completely disgusting but theres nothing i can do, my endo is gastric . not eating makes it better, so i happily starve on those days the endo hits.


I get this All the time!!! Bane of my life. Sometimes having a peppermint tea helps xx


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