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Period bleeding 4 days after finished period?

Hey there,

I went to the washroom today and found a good amount of blood on undergarments, similar to what I get during a period. I had a bad cramp this morning as well but only noticed the blood in te evening.

I have not had sex in about two months, and even then it was protected. I don't feel tired or anything, just blood and a bad cramp earlier. My period finished on Sunday and I noticed the blood today.

The only thing I've done today was get back into my martial arts training and working out, so intense work out. Was wondering if the bleeding could be a post-period kind of thing since I've been working out. Not quite sure how to handle this..

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I'm no expert but think you have just overdone it with exercise, I used to get follow up bleeding a few days after my period ended if I did too much. If you are worried see a dr.


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