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Post Lap - No Endo but Adhesions which will only be treated if DH has a good sperm count?!?!

Hi ladies. So I've had my Lap today and have been told that while there is no Edno, I have adhesions and "it's more complicated than first thought" I'm annoyed the Gyne came and spoke to me while I was still in recovery, and I'm even more miffed at the fact he told me before going in, the adhesions would be treated. I come round and they haven't! My hubby had the snip reversed in Sept last year and his sperm count is only 6.6m (average is 37m) and my discharge notes say to book another sperm analysis and if it's improved, the adhesions will be treated. If not "will need IVF". I didn't go to the Gyne cos we can't conceive, I went because of all the problems I've been having. Surely if we do need IVF the adhesions still need treating?! I have to wait another 6 weeks , with more pain and bleeding and being emotional, for my follow up and I feel like we're having IVF pushed on us; my Gyne runs the clinic and we won't get it on the NHS. What have your experiences with adhesions been? My right ovary is fused to my uterus so surely this needs sorting? I feel a bit like today was for nothing and have I have more questions than when I went in

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What has your adhesions got to do with his sperm production? They should be treating you, not him..... This NHS never cease to amaze me with their stupidity. Sorry for you x


Well this is what I thought. I could understand if we'd gone to see him because we can't conceive but we haven't. I feel like I'm back to square one with everything. He told me the Lap would give answers and I'd be treated regardless of whatever is wrong today but I haven't. I don't know what the point of it all was


IM so sorry, that awful. I had my left overy attached to abdominal wall, which was caused by a ruff internal scan which caused bleeding. They removed the adhesions which can can cause as much pain or not more then endosmosis. I had my laposcope 3 days ago and i made it clear that we trying to get pregnant over year now because i read alot about people having coil put in without their fully consent. I was told i wasn't allowed ivf on nhs at moment COs bmi over 30, not much over 34, which annoyed me COs i been off work 9weekscos off pain, on morphine and put stone on. Also i had a bad swelling in groin and shooting pains down right leg, i been told from when i as admitted 9 weeks ago it gynie related, to his appointment which he said nothing about it not being gynie problem, then hour before surgery he told me it not a gynie thing, i need to see my gp again, i was fuming COs no one meantioned in last 9 weeks that it over then gynie problem ( i had 6 laposcopes) Have you thought about speaking to pals? At hospital. IM sorry to witter on Hun. I really hope you get this sorted quickly, best wishes and take care :) x


They frustrate me so much with lack of communication. It's almost as if they aren't grasping how much the pain and discomfort takes over our lives; the doctor makes you feel like you're wasting their time and the Gynae feels the same. It's a double edged sword. How are we to try for a baby when we're in contant pain and sex is painful and results in three days worth of bleeding?! My prority at the moment isn't having a baby, it's having a standard of life. It's almost as if cos he knows we'll face to pay for IVF and runs the clinic, that's the direction he's pushing us in. I'm just going to have to tell him when I see him next I want it sorting. I'm lucky in a way cos if he won't, we're moving to Germany at the end if the year and they'll sort me out.

You'll be entitled to IVF if your BMI comes down won't you? My brother in law had the same problem and funnily enough, didn't tell him that until they were at the clinic to start all the treatment; 12 weeks wasted. Thanks for your comment Lovely and hope you get sorted too. Fingers crossed for all of us xx


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