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I have endo and pcos, now husband has been diagnosed with low sperm count - help please!

Hi all,

I've been provisionally diagnosed with endo and pcos, and have a lap booked in next month. We've been trying to conceive for well over a yr so my GP arranged for my husband to give a sample for semen analysis, and it has come back today as below average (motility is fine but sperm count and form not great).

He's beside himself, not helped by the fact that he had a v unhelpful doctor who rattled through the results on the phone without offering any advice or further info. He's made an appt to see my lovely GP in a couple of weeks but I wondered of any of you had had this experience with your other halves and had any advice?

He's been advised to go back for another test in a couple of months, so we're both going to go on a health kick and cut out alcohol, etc. He has a v stressful job and a long commute which doesn't help, but I'd just be interested to know if its likely to improve if he makes these changes.

Also, would this make us more eligible for ivf if it gets to that point? (We're 28 and 32, no other children).

Thanks for sticking with me if you're still reading, all advice appreciated!


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The newspaper reported today that carrots were ideal sperm booster foods.



Hi. Ifound myself in exactly the same position as you 2 years ago. I have stage 4 endo, pcos, and my husband borderline sperm count but with good motility. We had been trying for a baby for a few years but with no success. Unfortunately our nhs trust does not offer ivf and so we've had no help. We'd finally come to terms with not being parents when only 2 days ago I had a positive pregnancy test!! We're both slightly freaked out! My advice to you would be to ensure you get all the information possible after your lap from yourspecialist,and get some help with your pcos. There are tablets they can give you to stimulate ovulation. It's easier said than done but try not to stress about it as it could make matters worse. Good luck with your journey to becoming a mum xxx

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Thanks both for your responses (carrots look interesting!)

Congrats Ladyady, that's brilliant news and you must be thrilled! Yes I'm going to get my husband to bring a notepad with questions to ask the surgeon after my lap as I may be too spaced out from the anaesthetic, and I'm going to push to go on Chlomid depending on what they find (they'd going to check my tubes, etc).

We're trying to stay positive but with this latest thing it just seems like everything is against us at the moment!! Your story has given me hope though, there seem to be a lot of stories of people who have fallen pregnant just as they've given up hope :-)


Hi there!

I also suffer from PCOS and endo. My husband also has low sperm count. I had my lap in January. They removed some of the endo, but the rest was sitting btwn my colon and uterus. So, it had to stay. The only way to remove it is with major surgery. We've been trying to get pregnant almost three years now. We are about to do round 3 of IUI treatments.

If you are going to do fertility treatments, as your Dr about Letrozole. Apparently it works better for women with PCOS the Clomid. I'm on Letrozole now, and had better results with ovulation then the Clomid. I write a blog about my journey, if you're interested, check it out. grinandbarrenit.blogspot.ca...

Good luck!


Hi... We were ttc and I have severe endo and cysts. I miscarried after my lap. Only did a home kit on hubby's sperm but it suggested it was low. We looked into adoption and I found out I am pregnant (20 weeks now so I've made that long story short haha). We researched and found that wellman vitamins can apparently help boost sperm so they might be worth a go?! With regards to IVF I looked into that and it may be worth just checking the eligibility criteria in your area. Our area checks age, BMI etc. It should be online. Good luck x


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