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Bleeding after lap??

Hi ladies,

I had my first lap 10 days ago, and i have been bleeding every day since. Sorry if it's TMI, but it's not been fresh blood (urgh - i'm sorry!), it's very dark. And it's not a heavy flow like a period, infact it's not really a flow at all. It's just 'spotting' i guess. But it's all day every day. Should i be concerned about this or is it to be expected after a lap?

I am and always have been a bit of a worrier, so any help/advice would be appreciated greatly and help to put my mind at rest!

Hope you are all having a good day. As good as can be anyway. Xx

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It's normal, nothing to worry about. just slowly clearing out as and when it gets a bit of extra lubrication from cervical and vaginal mucus to help it on its way- if you have periods then it will all clear out during the next period anyway,

Ordinarily I would suggest a douche to wash it out, but seeing as your surgery is so recent, and i don't know what you had done inside, there is no point risking introducing possible infections so don't clean it out with a douche for a few more days - just let it come out as and when it decides to shift. it isn't doing you any harm, just a bit unsightly and it will all get out eventually even if that takes till your next period.


Thank you so much for your reply. You've put my mind at rest. X


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