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Digestive issues


I've been diagnosed with endometriosis around my left ovary and also a fibroid in the centre of my womb.

The main issue I get is pain, but also digestive discomfort.

I get bunged up easily and if I don't get to the loo first thing in the morning, I struggle to go that day and also my stomach makes SO MANY NOISES!!!!

Is this normal?? Is there anything I can do? It just feels so uncomfortable. I feel like an elephant - all massive and bloated and disgusting!!

Thanks x

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Many of us with endo also suffer with digestive issues -bloating,wind,cramps,food intolerences.Often we are fobbed off with IBS rather than an endo diagnosis,but digestive issues can also co exist. I was diagnosed with IBS in my early 20s,but found that when my endo was treated and then I went gluten and dairy free,many of my "ibs" symptoms disappeared.It may be worth trying the endo diet( search here -lots of previous discussions) and also some simple self help remedies. For wind I use charcoal capsules( from Holland and Barret) which I find more effective than over the counter wind ease tablets. Also peppermint oil capsules for any bowel spasm.I also rub magnesium oil spray on abdomen and back and this seems to help with spasms.

The other thing is to keep the bowels moving freely - physillium husk,flaxseed( question mark over this as may increase oestogens,lignins) chia seeds are all ones I have tried.I find physillium husk to be excellent and keeps me regular ,especially as my piiankillers bung me up.Also definitely take a good quality probiotic capsule to build up the good bacteria in the gut and help immunity.

I consult a medicinal herbalist and the first thing she started treating was my digestive system and liver,so it is essential that you try to find the causes of discomfort( either through conventional tests or experimenting with diet( keep a diary to see if certain foods cause more discomfort).Again,there has been lots of discussion on here re endo diet and many of us on here do follow it to a greater or lesser degree.I try to keep to it,but do have occasional lapse.

Hope this helps.


I'll second what Daffodil said. I've been gluten free for 4 months now and am feeling so much better for it. My tummy used to make noises all the time and I was constantly hungry. I'm trying to follow the endo diet- I suppose it's about working out what suits you best. I'm nearly dairy free too but that doesn't seem such an issue for me. When I had a scan in January the radiographer said my bowels were wiggling about all over the place! I feel they are a lot calmer now. Definitely worth a try- it should help with the bloating and a happier digestive tract will mean better bowel movements too.


I have to empty my bowels after I wake up (I feel a lot of pressure and diahorrea like feeling) and then 2-3 times during the day (but without that 'pressure' feeling). After emptying bowels I'm absolutely fine for the rest of the day - but I'm really sick if I don't empty them.

I tried various diets and I gave up now - I also used to have awful bloating and burping but it only occured during periods, nearly stopped since I'm on depo injection.

I'm not on any special diet now, I'm trying to eat small portions for most of the week and then have one or two days of 'eat what i want', I eat bread and a lot of pasta, drink wine and I'm way better than few months ago. I wish that morning toilet urgency went away but from all the symptoms I experienced - this is actually makes me feel good during the day - coz I'm not bloated and nauseous when mm bowels are empty...then I go to my gp who keeps referring me to gastro who then says - no bread, no pasta, no wine - but I stopped it (and other foods) for months and there was so change whatsover) - and their various treatment for my 'diahorrea' actualyl caused constipation and made me so sick I was off work for a while...I'm so puzzled...


Thanks all so much for getting back to me!! It's a nightmare isn't it. Seems so unfair that we have to deal with so many different symptoms on top of hell periods!! Thanks for your advice, going to try charcoal tablets. Anyone know if slippery elm works too?? X


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