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My back!!!

I've been so happy since my last excision they took 11cm of tissue away in total from all over the pelvis I have 30% endo left which is in my bowel. I had the op in march and have had pretty what non sufferers of endo would call normal pain during and in between period but a level I can deal with which is a start. (I've been on the 3 month prostap but have had periods every month) I'm not having any more due to memory problems. Anyway I've developed this unbareable pain between the end of my spin and hip right at the base of my back top of left bum cheek. It's coming in waves but so much pain!! Is this typical of bowel endo? I'm trying to decide on whether it's worth the second laparotomy for bowel or not and need to know if this pain is related!?!? Help xx

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I'm having the exact same pain you're describing on my left side as well. I would be very interested in reading what people have to say about it. I'm getting increasingly concerned about the pain because I use the Butrans patch and it doesn't touch that particular pain at all.


It's like behind the pelvis bone I think that's why. As it's not directly on soft tissue to patch wouldn't work I had my partner rubbing my back for hours last night god love him!! Feel your pain!! Xx


I have this pain too and my scan yesterday picked up a lot of endo on the bowel. I had a diagnostic lap last year but couldn't remove it do you think they might do a laparotomy this time katie26 and what is recovery like?


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