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Do you think that endometriosis makes you more susceptible to colds and other bugs?

In my personal experience I seem to get more colds a year than I used to. Prior to endo I had one, maybe two colds a year, now I am averaging five to six, and the effects stay with me longer. I have a fever for about four days which incapacitates me, when it used to be something I could muddle on through and maybe even work.

What's your experience? I can't be the only one? :) Are you aware of any evidence of why this might be?

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From what I've read in the past Ye endo can cause a lot of problems with Health,


Hi Gem, what have you read? Do you have any sources? Would really help. I can find lots of conjecture online but not much hard evidence.


I will try find it again and I'll post the link x



Try that Hun I'll be amazed what can be linked to endo


I've just read the link and was amazed at what can be linked to endo.

The only thing I would say is that if any new health problems arise, we shouldn't just assume it's because of endometriosis. I found this out in dramatic fashion a few years ago!


Yes- that is true. Endo is something which is either cause by or triggers auto-immune deficiencies- meaning we are much more susceptable to common bugs bacterial and viral. we don't have a strong enough immune system to fend them off, so not only do we get more illness than healthy people we also take a darn sight long to fight off the bugs.

I work in a school - you can imagine the levels of bug life passing in my direction. It's a constant battle with coughs, colds, throat infections, vomiting bugs and worse.

The kids get them and are recovered in a day or two- I get them for weeks at a time. Just as I win the battle with one thing another takes over.

Having endo - cetainly makes you more prone to certain other medical conditions.

No one knows why that should be exactly and which happened 1st the compromised immune system or the endo which then compromised the immune system- but it is a fact that this is the case and probably does account for why so many of us have chronic fatigue issues too.


Yes- I agree. I work in school and as soon as a vomiting bug starts I always get it, and it seems to take a long time to recover. Even though I've had a hysterectomy and then both ovaries removed the endos still there. Now been put on Tramadol.


Thanks all, nice to know I am not the only one. :)

I'm aware of that website, I suppose I was looking for some studies or an official report from the NHS or similar. Perhaps it's a case of a lack of research, all too common with endometriosis I know.

I love Melissa's work on her website (not discrediting her conclusions at all, I agree with her), but I'm looking for some peer-reviewed science, something I can approach my doctor and employer with for example.

I feel supported by your shared experiences of this though. :) It seems like a known fact for those of us living with endometriosis, but something not yet acknowledged outside of our health community.


Oh my god, yes I do know I get ill more but it's not because of the endo it's the progesterone treatment I have that causes the colds and chest infections, although my gynae looked at me as if I was mad! My proof is that I was on depo provera from 17-30 and I was always getting ill with colds and felt really ill when I had them thought something was wrong with me, I came off the depo in 2009 I have had 2-3 colds and they had been nothing to worry about could still function,those I feel we're normal colds. Previously every time I got a cold it would go to my chest and I would be laid up for a week. I bet if you ask any woman post menopause if her colds feels worse she'll say yes.


That's a great point, I hadn't considered it could be a side effect of treatment, I will look up the side effects of everything I'm taking.


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