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Advice please?!

I have not been diagnosed with Endo as yet, I see my Gynae 8th July, app brought forward as of pain I'm having.

I have pcos, last laparoscopy was near enough 13yrs ago.

I have around 1week out of 4 with no pain, rest of time I have lower back pain, pelvic pain, heavy sensation down below & aching pain in my left hip area into groin. Cramps, stabbing pain, extreme tiredness due to this.

Last year my us and & I decided to give it 1 more shit of ttc, my cycles are regular now but the pain I get is so bad we have decided to ditch it, if I find out I have endo also I would like a full hysterectomy.

My question really is, you women who suffer with endo do you have the symptoms I have stated???

I can't think of any other cause, I had scan December & no extra large cysts just pcos, no infections. I have had lower back pain for many years where I was sent to physio & told to lose weight, I have lost 3stone & seem to have more pain. I'm at a comfortable weight now size 16 clothing & I feel worse for it.

Definately something going on in there but if I go to A&E they just fob you off.

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I'm also waiting for a diagnosis, but symptoms are very much the same, and they've ruled out everything else they can think of. It used to come and go quite a lot with the pain, but always be a little bit of discomfort. Now it's at least two weeks of pain around period time, with some at other times, and constant aching in groin, lower abdomen, hips, top of legs, back etc and the tiredness etc from it is ridiculous! There's always a feeling of heaviness/pressure that even when everything else feels ok is still there, it's driving me mad! I've not had experience with any of the treatments you've mentioned I'm afraid, but I'm sure others on here can add their thoughts on those, but from what I can tell (all still fairly new to this, until a couple of months ago it was all still being blamed on ibs and low vit D) your symptoms fit what a lot of people here have.

I hope you get some answers at your appointment in July and the pains etc will ease for you! :)



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