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Help :(

Hey ladies was wondering if anytime can help me..

Doctors think I have endometriosis and I have a lap in June...

And I had my weeks break on my pill and started taking it again on Wednesday.. I bled the last 2 days of my week free and still a week later I have period cramps and a constant brown discharge.. Is this something anyone has experienced as I know usually old blood comes before a period I'm so worried xxx

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I have had this happen to me, apparently it is nothing to worry about it x


Hi this period I had brown blood, only a tiny bit every day but it lasted for an extra 5/6 days after my period. Doesn't usually happen to me but I have a fibroid. Whether that has anything to do with it I am not sure. Most of the time this doesn't happen to me. It does make you worry though. X


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