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Help a sister

Had my 1st Surgery on ovaries cysts but the doc said he couldn't work on me that my pelvic was frozen. I was reffera to a teaching hospital where I was diagnose for endo. Was place on zoladex 10.8 gm bcos is the pain is so much for me. Had my first dosage last week which the doc told me am going to be period free. But today I saw my period with so pains. My question is the zoladex not working for me? Just want be pregnant, am 3years into marriage. I will be 33 years this year. Is Ivf is only option for me? Am really worried and it affecting my work.

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I think you can have your next period as normal with zolodex but you’re unlikely to have more after this one while you’re on the medication.

It sounds as if you may benefit from excision to remove endometriosis from your pelvis - where do you live? Xxx


Am in Nigeria, Abuja.


Thanks for ur concern. Really apperciate


If your Fallopian tubes and ovaries are affected by endometriosis, it’s very likely that you’ll have issues conceiving a child. Is IVF an option for you? Or is natural conception the only choice?

If you want to conceive naturally you can ask for laparoscopic excision surgery to help preserve your fertility (they can try removing the endo from your tubes and ovaries), but it doesn’t always work. If you don’t want to wait, you should go straight to IVF.


Thanks, my gyn also advised I go for the laparoscopy but that will be after the zoladex medication


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