Fuzz brain / bran fog - solutions desperatley sought

Hello, can I ask if anyone else has 'fuzzy head' syndrome? It is so bad I can no longer work, and find it incredibly hard to socialise with friends. I haven't found this covered much in the research base. The focus is understandably always on the pain, but I would opt to be in more pain if it meant I could get rid of my fuzzy head and function like a 'normal' human being mentally. Does anyone know of any relief from this e.g. taking more progesterone (I am already on Cerezette, but could e.g. go on mirena coil as well). Any tips greatly appreciated.

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  • Hi there, did you get the 'fuzzy head' syndrome before taking the Cerazette? I felt like a zombie on it myself, didn't know what I was doing.

  • I have suffered for ages with feeling my head was all fuzzy during being tested for possible Endo a blood test revealed I was extremely low in iron since taking iron tablets I don't seem to have my fuzzy head and tiredness it maybe an option to look at x

  • I had the same thing for a long time and found it also interferred with my job, it was especially bad in the mornings and I used to dread having imporant meetings before around 11am as I was just to fuzzy headed. It must be hormonal. I cant remember when mine stopped but its not so bad at all now and I am on the coil.

  • ok thanks for your replies all. I've just asked to get some bloods done - although I'm sure they will be normal and that it is the bloody endo playing up!

  • hi

    i had very bad fuzzy head - unable to concentrate and made work/meetings very very difficult indeed so much so that i really dreaded those days and would have to try and rearrange meetings to not be around that time as i would just be useless in the meetings. not good for one's confidence at all! and really worried about my job security as a result. i posted a few weeks ago saying that i saw a chiropractor which has helped me considerably with all my endo and period symptoms, including the fuzzy head/not being able to think straight. another possible contributing factor is it turns out my iron is very low too, so am trying to up that at the moment

  • Thanks very much. I hadn't thought of seeing a chiropractor. Terrible isn't it, trying to keep up the pretence at work

  • I had this a few years ago when on Zoladex which is slightly different. But I noticed for the past few years that my brain is not as sharp and my memory was not as good. In January I changed my diet a lot using endo diet as a guideline but not strictly sticking to it. I still eat some meat for instance and I avoid grains and pulses. I have noticed a huge difference in my ability to think straight and function normally and I attribute this to what I eat and also what I don't eat. I avoid gluten completely which is implicated when it comes to brain fog. I also steer clear of sugar and dairy.

    Candida can also cause brain fog and is often concurrent with endo.

    While hormones play a part in brain fog, nutrient depletion is also to blame in many instances such as iron mentioned above. The cerazette will cause some nutrient depletion.

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