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What to expect post op for a lap?


Hello have suspected endo and scheduled an mri to help confirm but consultant has put me on waiting list for lap also as whatever I have the cysts need coming out!

Just looking for some advice what to expect post op really in terms of mobility, pain, recovery time, general experiences?

I've never had an op (apart from an in growing toenail

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I had my first diagnostic laparoscopy on Tuesday, so I'm only 72hrs post op just now. Recovery for me has been much better than I expected it to be (it was my first op ever!).

I was discharged from the day case unit within 1hour of coming round from the anaesthetic. I had to eat, drink and have a wee. I've found I just feel really bloated. I've been up and moving about since I left hospital as apparently that helps to relieve any discomfort from the gas used to inflate your abdomen. The only trouble I've had is getting comfortable lying down as it's difficult to lie anywhere but on your back!

I took one day off work and returned only 36 hours post op (to reduced hours thankfully). I have had to take painkillers for the pain at the incision but nothing too drastic (belly button one is very uncomfortable but lower incisions I don't really feel at all!).

My appetite is still not quite where it is - only eating kids portions really but I think that's due to the bloating.

Overall, I'm finding my recovery much easier that first expected! The worst bit for me was the anxiety pre-op! If you need any more info feel free to message!

All the best Hun xx

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Thanks so much for your feedback. I wasn't sure about how long it would be off work as hoping it would be minimal but just want some improvement!

What as the anathestic like?

I wasn't sure with regards to time off work but I was very determined to go back as soon as possible! I guess it depends on what sort of work you do! I'd struggle with any lifting or carrying but I have an office job so it's been okay for me - my employers are also very understanding which has been a great help!

The anaesthetic was great! I think it scared me the most before I went in, but the anaesthetist came to chat to me and answer any questions before the op. When you get taken down to the anaesthetic room they insert the cannula (needle) into your hand. I was given some anti-nausea meds first, followed by a morphine-like painkiller which leaves you feeling a bit drunk (but it was a far nicer feeling!). They then told me to think of a nice place as they administered the final shot, and as soon as I closed my eyes, I woke up in recovery!

I woke up as though if never been asleep really - didn't feel too groggy. I felt a little nauseous but I hadn't eaten anything for almost 12 hours as it was an afternoon surgery so I put it down to being hungry. I was a little shaky immediately after coming round but they assured me that was completely normal and it passed within around 5-10 minutes. I know some people can be left feeling really tired afterwards, but I was completely fine - I was shocked at how well my body seemed to recover!

All the best Hun, let me know if there's anything else at all you want to ask - I know how scary it can be! Xxxxx


I have just had my lap 4 days ago! I too was nervous as this was my first op but have to say if needs be I'd happily do it again to relieve any pain. I had my surgery in the morning and was very confused when they first woke me up. Took a little time to release where I was but the nurses were great! Once I was wake they got me something to drink and kept me on the gas and air. The surgeon then came to explain what had happened during surgery. After this I fell back asleep on and off for another hour. The nurses were happy to let me sleep and brought me food and water when I was awake and woke me up for the checking of my pulse and wounds ect.

You can leave as soon as you are able to get up walk around and wee 200ml of water. I was in a little bit of pain so they gave me a heavy pain killer. Due to the pain killer this made me a little woozy and dizzy so it was some time before I could get up and walk. After about 3 hours I went to the bathroom however due to being really dehydrated I found it very difficult to produce 200ml so after two attempts of 100mls they scanned my bladder and let me go home at about 6pm.

When at home I felt comfortable with the pain killers and i've been almost back to normal after 72 hours.

The anesthetic was great! I was out in seconds. The anaesthetist was lovely! they chatted the whole time whist Post-op and put me right at ease. The next thing i knew I was being woken up over an hour later!

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