Pain after intercourse

Sometimes during intercourse of my parter goes deep I get an ache/pain and we stop... But I don't get it everytime during... For example last night during inter course I was fine and today.. Iv got excruciating back ache.. It aches my lower belly to wee and cough and my uterus area is a constant ache... Is this something you ladies find happens xxx

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  • Yes, this has happened to me a lot, but the pain always started straight away and then usually lasts all through the next day. Totally sucks :(

  • Yes same, it will be fine then suddenly will be in excruciating stabbing pain, it then will go on to ache for hours and all the next day.. I wonder if muscle relaxants before hand might help.. Wine seems to help me ha ha

  • yeah it happens to me too. feel really bloated the next day too! try different positions and find something comfortable (and fun!) for you.

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