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I just wanted to know your views on driving/driving lessons with endo?

For a couple of years now i've been taking driving lessons on and off because i've been really ill with my endo. Things im glad to report have gotten better within the last month or so. But as we know most of us are exhausted on a daily basis even when doing nothing. Being tired and driving is a risky mix!

Has endo ever stopped you driving? Or given you any other problems?

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Hi there, yes Endo has stopped my driving, but rarely. The main Problem I have to be careful of is when I need to take very strong pain relief and being safe on the road. You might think you are safe, but it is not always easy to tell. I managed to collect my son from school yesterday when I had taken some Codeine. Got out the car and fell and twisted my ankle. I am pretty sure that taking Prozac for the depression and anxiety attacks that this lovely disease also gives us and Codeine for pain was the reason why this happened. I would say the best people for you to take advice from are your doctor and driving instructor.

Take it steady. Big hugs xx


I've never had any problems driving - there seem to be a lot worse drivers on the road than me who probably don't have any issues! I'd just check whatever medication you're taking - some are ok to drive on while others certainly aren't. I'd also add that being able to drive gives you more freedom - there's nothing worse than being out somewhere, suddenly starting to feel crap and knowing you have to wait for a bus to get home, rather than just jumping in your car.


The vibration of driving and the concentrating on the road and not my pain is actually a great help I found, But try hard to to do driving while zonked on drugs, and while on zoladex i often had blurred vision spells which kiboshed the driving too.

If i am on a long distance drive then - i do always now stop and have a power nap, then a walk to get the circulation going too. In the good old days i could do a lot of driving with no pit stops, but not these days.


I would say that as long as you are careful and mindful of how tired you are/ what tablets you have taken you should absolutely learn how to drive! This disease takes so much away, don't let it take this away too! I have a two hour drive to work and back everyday and have just learnt how many pain killers etc. I'm 'safe' to drive on, but I am only doing this job until August anyway and would never do such a long commute ever again. I would be so stuffed without my car as I am always having to go get sick notes from my GP or something. Good luck! :)


So mixed reviews! I've had driving lessons before and i had to stop just from the nausea and stomach pains. I do have panic attacks autumnbreeze but i find when im concentrated on something im fine so ive always been ok driving :)

I dont wanna seem like im rubbing it in peoples face but i havent taken painkillers other than the odd paracetamol in over a month now. So meds aren't really an issue either at the moment. But im still in a fair bit of pain and it gets worse the more active i get.

I've got a 2 hour lesson on tuesday and i'll let the instructor know about the endo and then we can judge from there whether i can handle driving. But im determined to do it, endo takes away so much from our lives i wont let it without a fight! x


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