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Help! Has anyones marina coil side effects subsided? 3 months in, still having pain

Since having my coil Ive been having

- sharp stabbing pain that come and goes in the left hand side of my pelvis.

- with sore lower back ache

- cramps after doing alot of physical atcivity ie. heavy lifting and dashing about!

- feel like i need a wee alot more

- realllly sore cramps immediately after orgasm!

- bloated, I cant wear my jeans for too long, usually have to have them unbuttoned by the end of the day!

Im 23, at uni...before the coil I was very happy with the depo injection, but after the 2 years on that I thought id try the coil as its highly recommended for a more long term solution for my endo. But at this rate if I've not heard of other women with these side effects that have improved. I will be having it removed asap! and return to the depo.

Ive had it in for around 3 months.Should also mention I've had a scan and multiple tests, and the coil is in the right place n 'every things fine'

would LOVE to know if you've experienced similar.

Becca x

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Yes I have however I have the copper coil! My pain started in 2011 on the left side of my pelvic area not to bad but by 2013 the pain became unbearable so went in for investigation lap found my left ovary stuck to my pelvic wall and a small amount of endo ! After the lap my coil strings disappeared and now I have to go to theatre to have it removed !! But also my symptoms have worsened to the point of not having a life because of pain and it's now getting me depressed if the injection worked for you I'd go back to it. Xx good luck . Xx


Hi because :) sorry to hear ur having a tough time :( I had mirena for 3 1/2 years . It made my pain much worse but stopped my periods. I had it out 2 months ago after begging for it's removal for years. Best thing I ever did. I was so miserable and tired on it and I got terrible cramps and diarrhea and vaginal dryness and a million and one other side effects. Worse still I just had another lap and endo is bank worse than ever so for me it did not even work. Listen to your body. Give the coil some time for your body to adjust but if it does not feel right don't be pushed to keep it. You know your own body better than sny dr. Sorry I can't give you a success story x x x



I know you wrote this over a year ago but every symptom you have described I get, even the pain after orgasm. Please can you let me know if you felt any better?

Today the pain in the left hand side is so bad that I actually feel sick. I'm also spotting a lot - I see no light at the end of the tunnel, yet so many people have said to ride it out.

I don't know how much more I can take.

I hope you got better.

Thank you


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