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Such a drama queen!

Hi ladies, I had my first lap today to diagnose endo. "Mild endo found and Lasered off on and around my bladder (hoping that will help with my reoccurring bladder infections!) everything else looked good, womb, ovaries and tubes all nice and healthy. When I came round they showed me the pics they took in there (before and after shots of the endo there and after they'd Lasered it off) was ok coming round majorly thirsty! And obvs in a fair bit of pain! I was all ready to go home! Discharged with meds etc and on the way out I did a very dramatic faint in the middle of the ward, came back around and was promptly sick on my other halfs trainers! Oopsy! So now I'm in overnight so try an keep an eye on me. Really gutted not to be at home :-( glad to have things done and sorted now! My surgeon really pushed for me to have a mirina fitted, which I didn't want! So that was slightly annoying! But all in all looked after well! Sorry for the long post - I feel like I need to share! Xx

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Its good they managed to laser off the endo and glad theres no sign of anything more. Shame you had to stay in but least your ok. Hugs x


I stayed in after my first lap as had reaction to the anaesthetic. Also had mitena fitted whilst under despite not being that keen due to severe bleeding. I don't bleed at all now.


Either the anesthetic or the morphine they gave me in recovery made me sick too. Luckily not on anyone's shoes! Felt much better when I'd forced myself to eat something.


I was sick when I had my op too, just having surgery in that area can make you sick. I've got the mirena and would really recommend it. You'll be allowed out in no time x


Thanks so much for your responses this morning, I'm feeling much better in myself today and can't wait to go home! Xx


At least they looked after you, even if it meant staying in. Nowadays they're so short of beds they kick you out whether you are 100% ok or not.

I was really ill after my lap, it was the anaesthetic. The woman next to me in recovery had a different op and she was desperate to get home, but they made her walk around first, aided by a nurse, as soon as she said she felt dizzy, they said she would have to stay. With the lap, as long as you eat something and have a pee to make sure the bladders working ok after the anaesthetic, they let you go.

I had the Mirena coil fitted during my lap, it was fine, it's sorted out my heavy periods, the only thing I found irritating is that they discussed it with me once I checked in for my lap, I kind of felt put on the spot,they should have discussed it with me at my initial consultancy visit, or my pre op visit, not 10 mins before my op!!

It will be a relief once you get home and know it's all over and done with. Now you need to rest for several weeks.



There are four of us in this ward and everyone was very emosh last night. The other women have had much bigger ops than me as well so they are in an awful lot of pain! Yeah, I had actually already explained twice that I did not want the mirina at pre-op. I know it's been fantastic for a lot of women, but I really didn't see the point having one put it when I plan to start a family in the near future! The consultant said of course I could have it taken out, but why waste my time and theirs putting it in only to have it out in a few months?! Anyway I'll defo consider it after the planned kiddies! Xx


Congratulations on the vomiting !!! LOL

It is a reaction to the general aneasthetic and morphine from the op.

You feel fine on the bed, till you stand up walk a few paces the Whoosh no stopping it.

I did the same thing, like something out of the Exorcist. I projectile spewed around the walls of the bathroom on the ward.

I was absolutely mortified and still needed the loo.Had been bursting for a wee and this happened before I even reached the loo.

I actually agree with the Doc. you don't know for sure what my happen in the coming months and right away the mirena will start to thin the lining of the womb and reduce period bleeds. Anything to reduce those bleeds reduces the chance for new endo to spread - along the fallopian tubes and nesting somewhere else. Like the tubes themselves or the ovaries which could prevent natural pregnancy. he is trying to preserve your fertility till you are ready. And then when you are,out comes the mirena and off you go TTC.

But should something delay your start to TTC, a family or work crisis for example then at least your fertility is being helped in the meantime.

It can even in some ladies stop ovulation which preserves your egg count too. And when it comes out, the ovulation begins again.

It doesn't carry any risks like GnRH which can shut down ovaries for good. so it is worth trying and saves you taking pills every day to do the same job but at a much higher dose of hormones.

See how you get on and all the best for a speedy recovery - remember to get that gas shifted out of you at every opportunity - fart and burp away. the carbon dioxide gas trapped can be painful as those other ladies on your ward discovered.


Thank you!! Back home at last being waited on hand and foot :-) I think I was quite lucky with the gas shoulder pain, burpdd that up pretty well yesterdsy and it seams to have eased alot! Just the wonky bloted tummy to go! Thanks for all your advice :-) x


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