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Super Juice Me!

Some of you might be interested in this online film by Jason Vale aka The Juicemaster. It's free to watch for the next 4 days. It follows 8 people with 22 chronic illnesses between them and their 28 days on a juice programme.


I realise that the jury is out on juicing and you might not believe the testimonials so I leave it up to you to decide but leaving that to one side there are some interesting points made by some of the pundits.

Here are a few I scribbled down that echo a growing of opinion on the subject of illness and reinforce so much of my current thinking. There's nothing new about the approach but the voices on the subject are getting louder and gaining currency.

Two things cause all chronic diseases - toxicity and deficiency.

The mechanism behind all chronic disease is inflammation.

Toxins cause injury, injury causes inflammation.

Health comes from addressing the body on a biochemical level, not from doctors, drugs and surgery.

Therefore they key is good nutrition and detoxification.

The conventional route should be to start with food, nutrition and detoxification. The alternative should be drugs if that doesn't work...not the other way around!!

I have not done any juice programme so please don't ask me if this works for endo. If you want to do this, investigate further and consult your doctor. I am just posting because I know some of you might be interested.

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I have a juicer and his book. It's brill! :)


He does shorter juice programmes too and his main website is juicemaster.com The weight loss emphasis is more of a hook to attract people's attention but his real message is improving health. He might not be everyones cup of tea (of glass of juice!) but I find him very motivating. He cleared up his own psoriasis with juicing and changing how he lived.

I have a juicer too and use it daily since January. I first came across juicing over 20 years ago in a book by Leslie Kenton. I have tried to start juicing in the past but it always fizzled out after about a week. Now that I have a serious illness I have been provided with the impetus to do something about my life and make it a healthier life. Kind of sad I had to wait until I was ill!! Never too late though!

Juicers can create a lot of waste so if you prefer there are other products on the market that pulp all the fruit and veg. One of them is a Nutribullet but I haven't tried it yet. I'll have to save up my pennies!


Hi Catness and Brownlow. What kind of juicer do you both use? I've been researching them (probably too much) and I'm at a loss as to which one is the best to get. Thanks :D


Like Dillweed below, I use a Phillips. The Juice Master has a new one out with various buying options but I've no idea if it's any good! If he's behind it I should think it's a good one! Not worth his while to sell rubbish juicemaster.com/fusion-juicer Prior to designing his own juicer he advocated the Phillips but like many of the others it's a high speed juicer and can damage a lot of nutrients from the heat generated from the speed. The slower juicers tend to be quite expensive and I considered buying one but if I were to buy a new one when the Phillips breaks down from overuse! I'd get the one from Jason Vale plus either the Nutribullet or the other similar one he sells.

He also has a helpful guide to help you choose which is pretty good of him considering he has his own juicer to sell juicemaster.com/choosing-yo...


Fantastic :D thank you so much, I really appreciate all the advice and info x


Hi. I also have his book and have started juicing although not every day. I have a Phillips juicer that cost about £90 from Argos. It works very well.


I found this article a few months ago and just re-found it again. It's about a woman who found that juicing helped her with her endo alittlebitofstone.com/2013/...

It's very inspiring but do take note of the warnings. I did consider doing this a few months ago but knew I just wasn't strong enough and didn't want to do it in winter.


Interesting read. It all seems to come back to diet doesn't it? I can't wait to finish with the Decapeptyl and see if all my dietary changes have helped or will help. The hrt is turning me into the bitch from hell. I've had enough of all the medical intervention.


I think I've come to the endo of the roado with western medicine. I don't fancy being castrated!!!

But I'll probably end up eating my words. For now I'll try eating the endo diet!...with extra juice please!

How are Dillweed? I'm sure you're not a bitch from hell at all.


Hi Brownlow. I'm just sat here reading about endometriomas! I'm still waiting for a date for my op- likely to be another 4 weeks at least according to secretary today. I.m getting awful back ache- low down. I'm convinced it's the endometrioma pressing on things which is annoying as I haven't got any pain anywhere else at the moment. The hrt is really not agreeing with me. Very tearful and short tempered which isn't me at all. How are things with you? You seem to be on here as much as me which is probably a bad sign! If we were better we'd be off having a great bank holiday weekend somewhere no doubt. X


Oh that's funny that you say I'm on here a lot! Yes, I absolutely recognise that if I was better.... I'd be on Pinterest instead and still not living my life ha ha ha!!

I guess all this endo stuff has become a bit of a mission for me. Impossible to ignore when pain is never far away. I spend my time searching the Universe for anything that might help us and is not brought to us courtesy of Gigantic Pharma or Blinkeredus Doctorus (although I do examine their below par offerings occasionally). When people ask me what I do I tell them I've taken a break from paid work and my job is ME! ....I don't pay myself very well though and I might go on strike.

Sorry to hear about the endometrioma pain and back ache. It's impossible to get comfortable. Mine was acting up last week but hot bottle was helpful and mint tea. Hope yours goes soon.

Time for a juice methinks! Have a nice bank hol if you can. xx


Ah you're so nice. It's lovely to be able to talk to ladies who know what's going on. I'm sure my family have had enough of my moaning. You have a good bank holiday too.


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