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I am about to go on the pill for the first time and I have been prescribed Microgynon 30. Is this a good pill when you have Endometriosis?


I am 28 year old with Endometriosis. I have two cysts however I did not have a laparoscopy for an accurate diagnosis. I had two years of bad painful periods however they have improved with change in diet (no alcohol or caffeine) and exercise. I would like to start taking the pill to ensure that my cysts don´t go any bigger, and also as a contraception method.

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Hmm it's not the best option of pill for endo because it does contain both oestrogen and progesterone.

and you really want to be avoiding any bc pill with the oestrogen element in it and stick with progestogen only pills

or POP pills for short or the alternative methods like implanon arm implant or mirena coil IUD. which are progetogen only varieties.

Adding oestrogen or estradiols to diet and medication is proving your endo with oestrogen and it lurves oestrogen.

If you tried POP bc pills and found the dose gave you too many negative side effects then combined pills like Microgynon are an alternative for those who do have trouble with POP pills, but I would still advise it is better to work your way through the assorted POP options first to see if one of them suits you better.

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