Hello! I had a laparoscapy on 01/05/14 and had endometriosis removed. I had no advice on after care other than to leave the dressing on

For 2 weeks. My partner changed my dressing two days ago and cleaned around the wound but I have only been having strip washes I can feel my groin is pulling a little bit and my belly button is bruised. Can anyone help with aftercare advice please as im panicking as to what to do in cade of infection or anything thankyou :)

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  • Having just been through this I would phone your gp and ask for a telephone consultation tell them you were discharged without any wound care advice and aak what to do. My gp was great and told me what I needed to do.

  • Thankyou I will give them a ring tomorrow :) this site is quite comoforting to no there are people who will help xxx

  • Hi I am the same. Had my lap done last Friday and was discharged with just being told to take dressings off after 2 days and to rest. Really didn't know if what I was feeling was normal as I was in a lot of pain with a very heavy feeling in tummy so went to gp who was great and gave me advice and reassurance. So I wld def make an appointment with ur gp. I also have bruising around tummy button and it has been very sensitive to having any clothing touch it, gp said that was quite normal and also that the heavy pulling feeling in lower abdomen was also normal after having my abdomen stretched so much by the gas they put in to expand you tummy to see everything. Hope you are recovering well x

  • Hello thankyou for your reply I do think it is bad the lack of advice afterwards! I didnt even get told what they found or removed, luckily they briefly told my fiance! I have made a pact to myself to do nothing tomorrow as I do think I have been over doing it :( thanks again ladies :) xx

  • Yes I agree with you the lack of info afterwards is not good. Not knowing if what you are experiencing after you get home is normal or not can be quite distressing! Def take it easy tomrw. I didn't know how long I wld need to rest for, the nurses didn't really seem to know and when the surgeon had come round I wasn't really with it enough to ask. my gp signed me off for two weeks and I have been in bed most of this week feeling pretty sore and rubbish but on the mend. Be a lady of leisure tomrw :))

  • Bless you I am coming to the end of my first week and just starting to feel sore I also am signed off for two weeks silly things I take for granted though like putting the kettle on and making a cuppa I have just been doing it without thinking!! Whoops :S hope you feelfresh as a daisy soon :) x

  • Bruising is normal, what you need to look out for is weepy pus, stringy discharge, smells and red inflammed skin around the wounds. Compare the wounds too. If you get an infection it will usualy just impact on one wound not all of them, so if one wound is looking a bit angry compared with the others then it is worth getting checked out.

    getting an infection can be very hard to get rid of. took me a 2 month battle to get an infected belly button wound sorted.

    Belly button holes are the biggest of them, also the most likely to get infected, because of the damp bug filled environment of a belly button, so keeping wounds and area around wounds wiped with antiseptic at least once a day is a great idea, apply fresh sterile plasters or dressing each time the wound is cleaned. Let the wounds air dry too, unless you are covering them up with clothes that might catch on stitches then let them get a bit of fresh air.

    if the stitches are sticking up or out and catching -trim them back to skin level very carefully with clean scissors or nail clippers just carefully pinching the thread back a bit at a time. Try not to cut yourself.

    I wouldn't try and pull them out - they will dissolve over the next 8-12 weeks all by themselves, so are best left alone.

    TCP, Savlon, Germolene etc - all the usual antiseptic creams, gels, sprays etc are fine.

    Once the wound is healed up if you still have bruising then arnica gel may help, but it isn't essential.

  • I also had my lap done two weeks ago Hun ,and had no after care just the same as u guys , so i went to my gp and they was fantastic ,and reassured me that everything was fine .still having problems with going to the toilet

  • I am going to brave and take the dressings off and have a shower this evening!! Had a real lazy day today and just relaxed thanks for all your advice ladies xx

  • Good, glad to hear Katie, me too!!

  • Well this morning I have woke up with an unbelievabley itchy red eash all over my body :( has anybody else had this? And please help if you have as im goin out of my mind! ! Thankyou in advance :) xx

  • Hi hun I had baths with detol in and my wounds are healing nicely had my op 3rd dec. Hooe this helps x

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