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Bowel resection

Hi all just wondered if any one else out there had had this?

After 5 years I finally got diagnosed with endo last June.

It has created scar tissue around my lower bowel

I have been on prostap since then and with theHRT all has been good. No a n e or morphine for 9months.

I've just had an MRI and the specialist says the prostap has done its job. In the next 4 weeks I'm due to have a bowel resection with a loop illiostomy. The bowel surgeon says recovery will be 8-12 weeks with reversal of the illeostomy in around 4 months.

I just wondered anyone else's experience of this????

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There are previous discussions on this - use the search box on the green bar and type in 'bowel resection to find them. not all forum members are popping on here every day or week even so it can be some time before they log on - and your post may drop down the pages as more posts and questions are added before someone with direct experience can respond to your question.

If you spot which members have hd the procedure you can send them a Private message with any questions.

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Hi dear. I had total hysterectomy with part bowel removal (and other stuff) done on 15th January 2014, due to stage 4 endo and adenomyosis. So far I haven't had to take any pain killers since 2nd week after operation, which is a miracle in itself as before the operation I was popping them like smarties!!! I'm not on HRT as it will encourage any leftover endo, that they didn't find, to grow so I've been in full menopause since the operation - although I haven't had any symptoms, but apparently not everybody gets them. The operation in itself was a great success, the only downside is that I've been informed I can no longer eat anything that contains wheat, dairy, gluten, soya, red meat or fizzy drinks. Whilst at first this was a major shock to the system, I am actually getting used to the new eating lifestyle and I've lost 16lbs in weight in the past 11 weeks, so that's a positive! I saw Consultant on Monday of this week and been instructed not to return to work until he has seen me in another 3 months (this has got me down as I am not good at resting, I need to be working).

Anyways, sorry for the extremely long reply. I hope all goes well for you dear. Keep in touch and feel free to PM me if you need to talk xx


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