Stodge Diet before a Hysterectomy

HI all. I am going in for my hysterectomy on the 13th April and my consultant has told me the week before i should go on the stodge diet. She didnt have any leaflets at her clinic to give and when I went to my doctors he told me that that was the worst thing to do as i am also diabetic and therefore was no help. Has anyone else been told to go on this diet? What foods should and shou;dnt I eat? and if there are any type 1 diabetics how did you cope with a hysterectomy? Many thanks.

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  • Hi, I had total hysterectomy on 15th January 2014 due to stage 4 endo and adenomyosis and I was not told to go on any diet or change my eating habits at all. The only thing the hospital told me to do was not to eat after midnight as I was having surgery first thing and I had to drink this carb-load powder mix (which the hospital provided) before going to bed the night before surgery and as soon as I woke up - apparently it helps your body recover quickly as you will have been fasting for a long time etc. I seriously think you should seek another opinion as a stodge diet does not sound good at all. Hope the operation and recovery goes well. Feel free to PM me any time. xx

  • Thanks for your reply. Can't get an appointment with anyone but I will try to ring the ward instead. Both me and my husband thought it was strange to eat lots of stodge and no fibre. Will let you know.

  • I was told to only eat light foods before my op, chicken, rice, fruit etc. the nurse told me to avoid stodgy food as it's easier if your bowel is as empty as possible. Are you sure they didn't say a no stodge diet? Xxx

  • Thanks Eggcustard. She definately said the stodge diet as both me and husband joked about eating pies infront of her and she agreed. but after researching on here I think I might be better not following that advice. Still trying to get an appoimtment with the docs however the next avaiable on isint for 5 weeks!

  • Hi everyone. Finally got to see another another doctor today who said that the stodge diet is correct. It is to build up your fatty cells etc as after the op you normally take a while to regain your eating habits. Not that I eat alot of stodge anyway. Apparently it is a new thought some doctors currently are suggesting. But the day before the op you do way really lightly and nothing after midnight!!

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