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Why is understanding so hard

Why is it that i keep seeing so many stories from women about employers, friends, and even family members not understanding what this disease can do to you. Its so sad finding out what women are struggling to have this disease recognized even though it should not be a problem for somebody to accept/understand that you have a chronic pain disease.


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I know with me its more with the tyle of pain that no one understands... I guess its like going through labour... As in you dont understand the type of pain untill you have it.


I get the exact same pain...although i haven't have children its what its been compared to...like i get contractions in my lower area which makes me feel soooo sick


I was just saying that to another lady on here no one understands at all. Nearly everyone has turned their back on me now I'm so lonely it's unreal xx


I feel lonely too don't worry. I have my fiance and family...but many friends don't even bother to ask e to hang out with them anymore. Im a burdan and no fun to talk with apparently. Its hard bc nobody talks about this disease so everyone thinks im making things up...even though i live in constant pain. thats why i stared my blog..as an outlet and to let others know that even though i dont know them directly...that they are never alone.

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Tell me about the females in my family my half sister and cousin all have babies now and because i cant have any they don't speak or bother with me anymore and when i asked them why that is exactly what they told me lol they didn't even lie about it.

Apparently thats what people with kids do they only bother with others that have kids.

I don't care because i have a lovely support network consisting of a few endo sisters in england (i'm northern ireland) my fiance my furbabies, my mum in law and a few older friends who all support me and look after me i am very blessed :-)


Well I know that i don't live near anybody on this support site but its always nice to know that at least we are supporting each other because there are a lot of people out there who don't want to hear out problems. At least with this site and some other groups that i belong to, you have support, advise, and people who understand what you're going through.


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