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Online Endo nutrition talk by Dian Shepperson-Mills

Hello all.

I'm sure this has been posted before earlier in time but I just thought as it is Endometriosis Awareness Week it might be worth putting this up again.

In 2010, Dian Shepperson-Mills gave this talk at the Nutri Centre in London on nutrition as part of an integrated medicine approach to handling endometriosis.

I know that diet changes doesn't cure endo, but for some women, dietary changes can help with symptoms and for some has made a big difference.

I thought if anyone was interested in going down that route, or thinking about it, or wanting to know more, Dian wrote a book on the subject, but here she gives a 90 minute talk specifically on the subject.

the start is a bit clunky as she had some tech problems with computer/projector and the picture is a bit soft but her voice is clear enough to listen to.

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I could only view 11 mins. Is it just me? X


Thankyou for posting this. Just wanted to add that I had phone consultations with Dian and she was amazing and dietary changes really helped me! (not symptom free but my god I was MUCH better) Well worth investigating!


Yeah it timed out within about 10mins for me. try going directly to you tube. Xx


This video is just part 1 of 6 which is why it cuts out in the middle of her presentation.

Go to youtube and type her name in the search box. All the other parts of her presentation come up along with some other related videos.

Thanks for posting wildflower.


No problem. Sorry, should have pointed out the full talk goes out over more than one video. Hope it's helpful.


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