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possible hysterectomy after retained placenta due to adenomyosis


I have had a really traumatic birth experience and now may need a hysterectomy and looking our or advice. I have endo and adenomyosis. I recently had a c-section but had a morbidly adhered placenta which resulted in 2litres of blood loss and transfusion. During the op they did not remove all of the placenta and I recently had a massive haemorrhage and ended up with emergency surgery where's they performed my uterus as the remaining placenta was so stuck on. They also don't think they have got all the placenta again. This leaves with needed a further ultrasound and further surgery with possible hysterectomy.

My questions are if I just have my uterus removed do you need hrt? Do they do it all abdominally or do they yet operate on the vagina too? How do you feel if you have a hysterectomy in terms of feminity etc?

I just feel so exhausted by the birth and two traumatic surgeries and having a new born baby and trying to breast feeding as we'll


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Firstly congratulations on having your baby.

I'm due to have surgery next Saturday to have endo excision and possible hysterectomy as I might have adenomyosis. I feel that if he needs to remove everything, then that's fine, I'm fed up with being 97% in pain for months, I want my life back. as far as I understand , as long as you have ovaries (even one) you won't need hrt. I already have two children which helps my decision easier. I wish you all the very best x


Keep the ovaries, or at least one of them. There is no need to forfeit them just because the womb is coming out. If just one ovary is saved then you do not need HRT.

The removal of the womb will solve the adeno and will get rid of the residual placenta problem too.

As you have a recent C-section anyway, I would imagine they will go back in the same way.

Depending on where the placenta was attached - they ought to be able to leave your cervix and vagina intact, just taking out the uterus.

I have a deformed womb set up- had the big op, they took out one ovary, one tube and part of the deformed uterus - leaving part of it for a mirena coil.

So my situation is a bit different to yours because having a baby or rather carrying a pregnancy was never possible, but having lost half me bits- i don't feel any less feminine- just being relieved of pain on that side , and now not having periods because of the mirena I have never felt so well in decades. I don't miss the missing parts one little bit. Good riddance is what I say.

Liberated that I don't have periods and don't hve any more angry ovarian cysts on one side.

I still have probs with the remaining ovary which has a cyst grown since the big op, but boy am I much better able to cope these days.

Recovery from the op is not quick - took me 4 months to be able to lift a toddler and not be in pain doing so, and my tummy muscles were weak for a lot longer, but they're fine now, back to full strength again.

It is a lot to contemplate when you have a new baby to look after too, but looking at the long term picture- hard as it will be now, you will feel a whole heap better able to cope with an ever demanding toddler without having periods and the adeno disrupting life.

In your shoes, having got through a big op - it is worth it..in the end, even though there will be times when you are so sore and miserable and wondering why on earth you put yourself through this, it won't alwys be like that. Very best of Luck.


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