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hey guys had two laparoscopes so many scans internals been up a&e countless times had an internal scan today. had "adhesions" I look 6 month

pregnant pain when urinating constant abdominal pain constipation. im on the pill & cocodamol & mefinamic acid. noone is helping or treating me what do I do. plus I only have one ovary from a blunder appendix operation when I was six! just had enough :(

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Wow, I am having a horrid pain day too. I am trying the Depo shot ( first shot was Feb 13th, after my surgery was Jan 6th). I started my first "period" while on the shot this Sunday. I hurt so badly that day. Like takes as much pain medication that won't kill me, and hope I fall asleep fast enough to be pain free for a while. It only helped with most of the pain, not all. And on top of that, it was so painful that I threw up too. Monday I was sore (and mega nauseated from all the meds and the Endo). Tuesday and Wednesday were super low pain days. Woke up today, BAM!! Woke up in pain, a horrible I can feel exactly where the Endo spots are kinda pain. Tried to fight my way through the gut wrenching pain, and couldn't. Another pill and back to bed until the pill starts working. I just got up about 10 minutes ago. I'm still nauseated and the pain is now back to a tolerable ( and I HATE that we have learned to tolerate the pain!) level and I am actually worrying about the hour coming up that the pill wears off, and I still can't take more because it will be too soon. I am angry. The shot promises to help with the endo and the pain. WHY am I still having a period and the PAIN?!!! Because unfortunately I am not one of the lucky few that it will magically work right away. :( So I am miserable and wondering why my body is so broken and hates me. And I have been super lucky that I have had these bad days on my days off this week, but at the same time; I still had to cancel plans on Sunday with my guy. Plus, I want to look for another job. I found one that I am very qualified for. The only problem, it's a daytime shift. So when my Endo decides to flair up to the point of no return; I'd be at work. Where as the job I have now, I am second shift. So I can medicate, go back to bed, and somehow drag myself to work later (usually. There have still been times I couldn't even make it to work). So very very upsetting.


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