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So confused after first follow up after Lap op. Please help!!!!

I had a lap in Dec and saw my consultant for the first time after my lap. I feel lost, helpless and confused after this. Some of my symptoms seem worse than before the op. I'm having greater pain around what seems ovary areas, bone ache in thighs and back, still having very bad middle back pain which is apparently referred pain, cystitis like pains (no cystitis though), still very painful when passing stools. I'm soooooo tired still :( It's all really getting to me at the moment. The consultant seemed baffled! I was about stage 2-3 endo which was all removed, lots on left ovary and adhesion, small amount on right ovary, lots on back of womb and bowel and some at front of womb. Consultant seemed to think I have less pain because I have less discomfort during sex, but the examination was more painful than the one before my lap. I feel he's trying to Palm me off with mess rather than getting to the route of the problem. Going back in two months to see if meds have made a difference. Can't remember names of meds but will post them later, one is an anti-spasmodic and the other is to reduce bleeding while on period. I don't want to end up on meds that are only treating symptoms! I want answers to what the cause of symptoms are so I can treat this as naturally as possible rather than pumping my full of hormones, pain mess, etc.

Can anyone help me understand?


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Palm me off with 'meds' not 'mess' ;))))


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