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Had follow up gyne appointment yesterday, suggested a temporary menopause, what does this mean and has anyone experienced it?

I want to find out as much as I can about this before I decide whether it is a good option for me. The gyne said it would be a monthly injection but never said what the injection was called. I said I didnt want to make a decision right then as I'm only 21 and the thought of menopause is terrifying! Any advice or experiences would be really appreciated.


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Hiya, I'm 24 and going threw a tempory menopause. I'm on a monthly jab called prostap. Most people iv spoke to have found the injections great. They basically stop ovulation which stops endo from growing and stops it being as active.

I personally haven't had a great time of it to be honest, the only reason I'm still on it is because my surgeon says I need it for my op. You get the normal menopause symptoms like mood swings and hot flushes which are irritating but so much better then the pain!!! My problem is that it's caused awful muscle pains which have caused migraines and I'm on long time sick. But these side effects are less common.

Ask the dr what injection they want you to have then get opinions on that exact one. I hope it helps x x




I am sending you the above link to look at. Lupron is a GNRH drug to induce a medical menopause. There are other GNRH drugs but they all have short term and long term side effects.

These drugs are very powerful. A number of ladies on this forum are either on them or have been on them. Personally I don't want to go anywhere near them because of the side effects, long term implication with these drugs and also the fact that it is only a temporary treatment for endometriosis.

Please research as much as you can and I'm sure you will get more advice on this forum.

Best wishes,



Thank you! x


I was on Prostap for 3 months, I felt a little anxious and got sore knees but on the whole so glad I did it, it helped get my endo under enough control got me to have total peritoneum excision

I had a 6 hour surgery my endo was so bad, stage 4 in bladder, bowel, pod, blocked tubes, 15cm cysts. I'm endo free now

Good luck! X


Thank you for all your replies. I'm definitely going to research it before i say yes tho.

The frustrating thing is that they still havent said its endo and have refused to give me a lap.. :/ She said the injection will tell them if the pain is definitely ovary related or something? So frustrating not knowing what it is and jus having medication thrown at you. xx


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