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Ovary removal symptons

After 25 years of pain I finally had my left ovary and tube removed last November along with lots of endo which was attached to my bladder and bowel and a nasty lump also removed. This seems to have been successful but over the last 3 weeks I have has terrible pain in my right leg bone and calf (not due to exercise as not done any!). Does anyone know if having your ovary removed could possibly cause this? Is it a hormone thing possibly - although I am on the Mirena coil? I know I am probably still healing but it does seem odd and can't bring myself to visit the Doctors again. If anyone else has experienced this type of thing would really like to know as feel like falling apart.

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Could easily be endo irritating the sciatic nerve which is the big one running down the legs.

This would be called sciatica- but ny number of things can cause irritation to it - including adhesions.

It is unlikely to have anything to do with the left side surgery. and it probably is not the mirena either as that should be safely behind the thicker walls of the uterus.


Thanks for your comments - you could well be right about the sciatica - just didn't know if needed to be taking some supplements now only have one ovary, would like to think the Mirena would sort that out though. Will mention to my Surgeon when have my 6 month check. Thanks again


Nope - no supplements - one ovary is more than enough to keep your body going. I am coming up to 3 years on one ovary and a mirena in - and certainly do not need any more hormone top ups. Some ladies are only born with one anyway and manage to reach adult hood without any difficulties.

Sciatica is not nice but not an urgent case either - so provided you can cope with it, then it could wait till your next appointment with the GP, but if it really does become too much of a problem (which is can do) then definitely speak to your Doc about it.


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