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Help Recovering From LAVH and complication

second consultant appointment today since hysterectomy to see how i am getting on 7.5 weeks hysterectomy and 3.5 weeks badly infected vault haematoma. i still dont feel ready to go back to work, is this normal ? i was thinking about returning tuesday on light duties as i work in a company where i have to lift 40 inch and wardrobes and my manager says i can only return to light duties for a short period. I am quite stressed about this as from what i have read lifting those sorts of things take time. Any advice ?

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Hiya, I'm currently 8 weeks (today) post-op from total hysterectomy (and other stuff). My GP has signed me off until the 12 week mark, but also said that he didn't think it would be likely that I would return to work straight after that, due to the heavy lifting of disabled children that I do in my job, as it can cause hernias and other internal problems. I do understand that you need to work to pay the bills etc, but your health MUST come first, so please be very careful in what decision you make as you don't want to set yourself back any further than you have been already. xx


Hi, I too had a LAVH 8 weeks ago with post op infection, my Endo was extensive and so work was done on my bladder and bowel. My GP has signed me off for 3 months. I think it really depends on the complexity of your surgery, patient info on a straight forward LAVH suggests everything should be getting back to normal by 6 weeks. I think this would have to be very straight forward!! You have had an infection and possibly other issues, this will have taken its toll on your recovery time. If you are not ready to go back to work I would return to your GP to discuss how you are feeling. It's so important that you don't undo the healing that has already taken place. I certainly don't feel ready to work yet. Do listen to your body. Wishing you all the best, xxx


2months is the bare minium - but if you need longer - and having had complications delaying the recovery then you probably do need longer.

Any overdoing it is setback and will hurt and will delay recovery even longer.

This is major surgery - the worst thing to do is go back to work too soon out of guilt - imagine how you'd feel next day having over done it and then calling in sick again right away.

For a basic lap op - no lifting weights for 10 weeks post op - it will certainly be longer for a hysterectomy.

I couldn't lift small toddlers till 4 months had passed, my tummy was so weak and every overdoing it was paid fo with several days more pain afterwards.

I would have said if you were office based only then you are probably soon okay to go back, but for any manual lifting job - its still too soon, far too soon.


When I had a laparotomy with some major work done. I was told I would need four to six weeks off. Unfortunately I got an infection so I needed to take six weeks.

My job at the time involved moving patients but I didn't do this aspect of my job until 10 weeks post op.

Good luck with your recovery

Barbara x


Thank you guys. Consultant says i can go back if i feel ready on Tuesday. Only on light duties for 6 weeks then he wants to do a scan and see from there. And best bit of all i finally got a yes you had endometriosis and it caused your pain and we removed it all its gone :) very happy.


Great news but make sure you reduce any chance or it spreading again by stopping your periods or at least reducing how many you have in a year. The accidental backflow of period blood which can include endo cells, along the fallopian tube and out in to the tummy is one way to spread endo, so back to back BC Pills or mirena coil are both excellent ways to reduce the chances of future endo spread happening again. Hope that is the last you'll have.


i know this sounds daft but i thought after hysterectomy i wouldn't have anymore periods


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