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Recovering from lapasophy

Hello all,

I had my 1st laparsophy surgury Wednesday, i was so scared (1st ever op). but everyone looked after me so well, they removed the small amount of endometriosis I had. They took out my implant in my arm in exchanged for the coil.

I feel 100 times better already, I was in alot of pain cause of the gas with my chest and shoulder, my mum has a vibration pillow which I used and it's worked wonders to help the pain and discomfort. Highly recommend it for recovery.

So now I am still resting, watching alot of movies with my boyfriend being a saint waiting on me hand and foot.

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Really glad you're recovering well and you have a good man helping you out. My first surgery for endo was a laparotomy, where they cut you right across your pelvis and I completely forgot about the chest pain, I had that too! Took me months to recover but my second was a laparoscopy (keyhole surgery) and I recovered quite quickly from it so hopefully you do too :D xXx


Hi! Sounds like you're really being looked after and hopefully you make a speedy recovery!

I was wondering if you could tell me your symptoms before discovering it was Endometriosis? I am on the path to hopefully being diagnosed and have an internal examination early April, it would be good to know if my symptoms align with others!

I hope you get well soon! Best regards, Mermaid28 xx


He's a keeper!!! Good luck with your recovery and make sure you are kind and patient with your body while it heals xx


Hey hope you don't mind me messaging! I have a lap on Thursday (I had one 2.5 years ago but don't remember much about it).

Not sure what I need to bring, what I should be eating etc the night before. Feeling so anxious too :(


Hi Sophie,

The blog Endohope provides a good checklist! Here's the link endohope.org/2014/11/10/how...

From my experience, after the lap stick to light food/soups to avoid constipation and gentle walks definitely helps to release the gas which can cause a lot of pain. Hot water bottles and peppermint tea were a necessity for me! Hope the checklist helps :)

Good Luck and don't worry too much! xx


Thankyou xx


Thank you, i am feeling very good and very positive, only small discomfort now.

Yeah my boyfriend is amazing even sorting out our horses for me 😃

The symptoms are different for everyone, but mine was very irregular heavy and painful periods, even with no period I had alot of pelvic pain and swelling of one Overy which I had scanned 3 times, also would get back back and pelvic pain it would be hard to work or enjoy my hobbie horse riding.

I was very nervious before my op, i ate afew chips as I wasn't hungry. And just drank juice and water. I got given a drink from the hospital to drink in the morning.

I took just some over night stuff, and sanitary towels don't for get them you will need them afterwards.

At home I found my vibration pillow helped with the discomfort from the gas, aswell as drinking water and hot drinks, and i ate steamed veg as its light and full of vits, also vitamin chews are good for making you feel better after the op gives you alittle energy.

Also they give you a laxative powder to have with water which I didn't feel was working so got some senokot which really helped too.

I hope this has helped and good luck hun xxx


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