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Endo pain during pregnancy?

Hi ladies

I was diagnosed with endo and had my lap in September after years of horrid periods (you all know the drill so I won't go on about it!) and six months of unexplained bowel symptoms, severe pain etc

I am now 13 weeks pregnant (hurray!!!) and despite being told that was the best "cure" for endo, I've had pains in my belly (sometimes top, sometimes bottom) most days.

Yesterday I had really scary sharp pains in my ribs and hubby wanted to take me to A and E but I just couldn't face it. Feeling a bit better today but still a bit hurry and exhausted.

Any thoughts or advice? Is this normal? Can I do anything besides staying in bed all day!xx

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Not likely to be the endo causing the pains. Endo pain comes from when it is bleeding and it sure won't be bleeding if your uterus isn't. It doesn't know it's not in the uterus.

Much more likely the pains are from adhesions which may have been caused by endo, and these will need to stretch and sometimes will tear as the tummy swells trying to push organs out the way. This is why the best time to try for a pregnancy is right after lap op, when the surgeon has cut back all the adhesions and freed up the organs - but it is only a temporary fix as the adhesions will grow again - they always do.


Hi, I love how all these doctors claim pregnancy is a cure, I had my first surgery during my pregnancy as that was when I was finally diagnosed with endometriosis after 10+ years of pain, crying and getting told at 16 don't try for a baby because you probably won't ever have one. Well all I can say to that doctor is :-P (yes very mature I know) but since having my little one, he is 4 now, I have had another surgery and getting another so no I don't believe that pregnancy is a magic cure and I wish doctors would stop saying/suggesting this to women with this condition. (Sorry for ranting) all going well I can delay my next surgery till July and then after I finish uni am trying to qualify to become a nurse and some days it sucks being sore and stubborn. Hope all is well everyone, and the remainder of your pregnancy is plain sailing xxx


Hi I'm currently 23 weeks pregnant with my first baby and had terrible pains when I was in my first few months. I too used to panic it was something drastic but in the end put it down to the endo. I asked the midwife about it at one of my visits and she was quite dismissive about it and said it's probably just the scar tissue and adhesions stretching or tearing as your womb moves and expands to accommodate for the baby. She was probably right as now I'm further along the pains of early pregnancy have definitely eased up. Have you had your first scan yet? That would have showed if there was anything untoward going on with the baby so try not to worry. Early pregnancy causes pain for people without endo and so it makes sense that we get it worse with our insides already being a little messed up! Congratulations on your pregnancy and try to enjoy it. If still concerned, talk things through with your midwife. It's a scary time for us first timers! X


Thank you allxx

Yes I had my scan last week and sobbed all thr way through cos I never believed it until I saw my tiny baby on screen and heard the heartbeat ☺️

It's good to know things should be better soon xxx


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