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Caught out by something I'm not familiar with... what is PERITONEAL BIOPSY?

HI everyone,

As some of you will know, I went in for my fourth lap on Monday. Just got home (Weds) and still feeling pretty tired and sore. I'm usually pretty good over things like hospital, and stay calm (not bothered by blood, needles, surgery, things like that). I try to be pragmatic, and it was the same this time. However, things seem to have changed...

The whole experience this time has been pretty horrendous - not least because I had some sort of violent allergic reaction to the anaesthetic. I didn't half scare the poor Nurses and Doctors; they even had to get the Anaesthetist to come and visit me on the ward to check things out! The only feelings I can describe is like my body was still part paralysed, AND I also felt horrendously sick, shivery, cold, and "drunk"! I ended up on I.V. fluids, anti-emetics, and having my vital signs and blood sugar regularly monitored (hence the longer stay in Hospital). When I finally felt well enough to go home, I jokingly said that I must have looked like something from "Dawn of the Dead"... worryingly, the Nurses seemed to agree! THAT'S something I'll be having to mention at every Hospital appointment in future.

Anyway, whilst I was still on the ward (and pretty "out if it") I do remember somebody telling me what they had done/found during the lap. I know that I was told my Endo was back (just great!). I also recall being told that they had done a Peritoneal Biopsy, because of some unidentified cells, I think.

This is new to me, and I have to admit it's made me a little concerned. Does anyone know what this procedure is, and what it's for? I'm just scared as I have a family history of ovarian, uterine and breast cancer (cousin, and 3 aunts), and I'm DESPERATE to rule the dreaded C-word out of the equation.

I'm going to phone my Consultant on Monday to see if I can find out more (because I don't think I took everything on board whilst in hospital)... Still, I would appreciate anyone's advice if they have had similar experiences (also about the anaesthetic - not pleasant at all!). Reassurance would be greatly appreciated...

Thanks in advance,

A slightly scared Elaine. x

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I had numerous biopsies taken too - it is routine, and results can be used as a benchmark for subsequent biopsies. Please don't panic. All mine came back clear except for cervix.

Even that is supposed to be being monitored. but I objected to 6monthly re-smears.

The peritonuem is the covering for all the gynae and intestinal organs down below the diapragm, it brovides the bag if you like, that they are all sitting in. so the inside walls of the skin (in a way.)

Here's a pic


They could simply have spotted something which may or may not be endo on there and send it off to confirm its endo. Endo comes in variety of shapes and a few different colours.


Thanks for that... it's somewhat reassuring to know other people have been in the same boat. I think it's the fact that they did spot something that looked different which has bothered me. They told me clearly that they HAD found Endo, but also "unidentified" tissue (hence the biopsy). I accept that Endo can come in a variety of guises - it's partly this that's scaring me. You see, during my first lap, the surgeon missed some of my Endo, because I had 2 types; one growing on the surface, and the other buried deep in my Utero Sacral Ligaments. He missed the stuff in the ligaments (hence 3 further laps, and intense pain plus bowel symptoms, and trapped nerve sensation!). I'm defo scared that it could be Cancer (with my family history)... but I'm also really scared that the deep Endo is back, as that gave me by far my worst symptoms.

Bit of a 'mare, really!



Hey Elaine, hope recovery is going well for you. Wow, I really can't believe how similar your experience sounds to my last op, from the anaesthetic through to this peritoneal issue.

So, to answer your question, and hopefully put your mind at rest - I had the same last year.

I found out a while after my lap that I had had a very large Peritoneal Post Inclusion Cyst, which was removed.

They did biopsies on it, just to ensure all was well. I panicked about this as you did, but my surgeon reassured me that these cysts are caused purely by previous surgery, and whilst they aren't exactly common, neither are they unusual.

So I would not worry at all. Yours may not be a post inclusion cyst as mine was. But as Impatient stated, they do perform histology on endometriosis anyway. I guess it's just what they have to do.

Try not to worry too much. I am quite sure this is indeed standard practise. It's just sometimes they tell you, and sometimes they don't.

Any I had 4 aunts (maternal side) with bread cancer so am also super paranoid about anything that could even hint at it. But try to be reassured by my situation.

Take care..


Hi YellowRose,

Thanks for the response. I'm feeling a little less apprehensive, now. I guess knowing that other people have experienced the same thing, and have been reassuringly told it's not cancer is good.

I've come to the conclusion that I may just phone the Consultant's secretary on Monday, and ask for an update. I think half the problem is that I was just SO unwell due to the anaesthetic, that everything they told me in hospital sort of went in one ear and out the other! I just remember them saying about the Biopsy, and telling me they had also found yet more Endo. Just the fact that the Endo was there, again, was enough to pee me off somewhat! The Biopsy thing was a little too much to take on board!

Anyway, I'm back home, which is good. I'm also up and about. I tend to be one of those people who cannot bear lounging about for no reason, and I get bored REALLY easily. I'm already itching to get at the housework (did the hoovering today - took all day to complete it)! I can't stand not getting things done!

Hubby is telling me constantly to take it easy, and I'm already worrying about how soon I can get back to University. I'm part way through a Research Project, and I just feel I'm letting all my Tutors (as well as myself) down. I think I'm just a naturally restless personality!

Anyhow, feeling definitely less concerned than I did on writing this question... which is good. Think it's high time I put my feet up, and wound down for the night. One of my cats (Sirius) has just entered the study to "tell" me I'm not giving him enough attention! I suspect my "relaxation" tonight will consist of trying to divide my time between six cats, all of which are desperate for tummy tickles, and a husband who's desperate for adult conversation... NOT an easy balancing act, as the cats seem to be able to "demand" far harder (and louder) than hubby... fail to respond, and they demand his attention, too!

Looks like a kitchen cupboard, and six handfuls of Whiskas cat biscuits await me!

Thanks & kind regards,

Elaine. x


I had one done on my last op I get the results Monday the consultant today me it's routine.

I hate it when they come round & talk to you and you aren't with it. I got re admitted 4 days after my op again for post op complications. I bet my consultant does even know I was back in. Good luck x


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