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Endo diet and a2 milk

I am on endo diet which I am excluding mainly gluten and dairy (and eating a lot of fish). I had my first Decapeptyl about 2 weeks ago and I think my flare up is nearly over with my period pain. Well the flare up was really horrendous but now I should get less pain soon.

I was looking at Ocado delivery website and found this milk. Someone commented that this milk helps less bloated. I just wondering if anyone tried it.


Product Description (from Ocado website)

Original milk protein

Pasteurised homogenised semi skimmed milk

The natural answer to A1 milk protein intolerance

a2™ Milk is a natural great tasting cows milk with all the goodness milk brings.

Cows milk contains different types of protein, one group of which are caseins - the main types of the beta-casein fraction are A2 and A1.

a2™ Milk does not contain the A1 protein as it comes from specially selected cows which naturally produce only A2 protein.

The structural difference between A2 and A1 proteins means they may digest differently.

People who experience symptoms of intolerance to milk may be reacting specifically to the A1 protein and not the lactose in milk or other milk proteins as is often assumed.

a2™ Milk is not a modified milk nor is it a dairy alternative but it is a cows milk naturally containing A2 protein and therefore the natural answer to A1 milk protein intolerance.

I am not sure what A1 means.

At the moment I am drinking Alpro soya light for milk alternative as it helps my PMS a lot. My GP told me that I shouldn't exclude dairy as I need extra calcium when I am on Decapeptyl. I thought I may be slowly re-introduce milk when my period pain finish (when my bloating finish) to see how it goes and I am wondering if this A2 milk would do any good to me.

If not I would just get ordinary milk or maybe organic one.


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I take it you have googled it !!


Good luck x



I am also doing the endo diet and use almond milk you can buy it at tesco and it tastes fine, if you read the endo diet book they tell you to avoid anything soya, you could try taking a calcium supplement ?



Hi I tried to exclude soya for a while but it didn't help my PMS and it went worse so I put it back. I am Japanese and I read a Japenase endo diet site and it recommended to have some amount of soya so I decided to have some soya but not too much.

I would rather take no supplement as I take enough tablet now. I am trying to get calcium from food. Eating extra fish and lentils which were recommended by GP.

I take not many people tried a2 milk. I will order once for tomorrow and see how it goes.


Hi Shukudai,

I have come across the theory that soya is not good for you especially if you have endo. There seems to be a lot of conflicting advice about soya so at first I decided to avoid because I found it all too confusing! Just yesterday I discovered that not all soya is bad and the confusion seems to have arisen from the supply of highly processed soya products. While they might have some benefits, such as your experience with soya milk, there are other downsides. Thankfully there is 'good' soya that you can take without having soya milk and these products are traditional Japanese soya products and not highly processed 'modern' items.

Natto, Tempeh, Miso and Soy sauce which I'm sure are all familiar to you! The Japanese don't eat large quantities.

This is a good article on soya articles.mercola.com/sites/...

Clearspring is a company that creates Japanese products, set-up by an Englishman who used to live in Japan clearspring.co.uk

The Japan Centre in London stocks fab Japanese food and has an online shop where you can buy things like natto japancentre.com/items/osato...

Carry on with the milk if you are happy with that. Personally I avoid! I use almond milk and get my good soya from miso and soy sauce.

Good look with your experiments with food. I hope you find what works best for you! x


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