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Hi I am very new to this ( telling people how I feel)

I have endometriosis And PCo I am scared getting my coil out and becoming a mum!

I have been diagnosed since I was 16 so I know I am lucky! Doesn't mean they helped me till I was 19! I had a laparoscopy I am now 21 had the coil for 3 years, I have now had saver pains looks like I have endo and PCO :( my consultant has basically said if j have more operations to control pain I have less chance of having children. I know I have less chance which is what I have always been told? Basically I need advice help or criticism I'm 22 and feel I want a baby but I am scared that my parter will leave me or the baby won't make it.! I know this is what I want all I keep dreaming about and day dreaming about is having a little bundle of joy to show all my love to. I suppose I am doing this because I am scared. I still have my coil I am getting it taken out next week. Any advice comments. Criticism any thing would help thank you. Hope your all well xx

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Hey I was diagnosed at 21 with endo .. Married at 23 and doctors laughed when I suggested that I was going to try for a baby! Took all vitamins and folic acid and fell pregnant within a month I am now 13weeks gone and all is well ! Mother Nature will work in her own way and I don't even think doctors are truly in the know when it comes to fertility ! Don't rush just because of your diagnosis and good luck !! Also when diagnosed I followed a yeast free diet which worked wonders for the symptoms!


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