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Has anyone suffered from endo pain whilst pregnant?

I had terrible pain in my back and hip, very close to my right ovary (which is where my endo pain seems to focus) all through my pregnancy. I was in a wheelchair for the last 3 months of my pregnancy and have now been on crutches for almost a year. Drs assumed it was SPD but wouldn't test or treat further due to risk to my baby. However, my baby is now 5 months old and the pain is still there. I was told throughout pregnancy that this could not possibly be due to endo because the hormones in pregnancy should mean that I don't get any pain whilst pregnant. A chiropractor helped for a few months, then that stopped working. I've now had months of physiotherapy, which helped a little, but then it got worse again. I've also had an MRI and X-rays which both show no significant issues (importantly, no SPD) that would explain my pain and lack of mobility. The MRI showed 'space' around my lumbar facet joints which the specialist interpreted as inflammation and gave me steroid injections. This helped for about 3 days, then I had a mid-cycle bleed and the pain all came back. Has anyone had experience of endo pain persisting through pregnancy? I'm desperate to find something that will help me get back on my feet but I have a horrible feeling the doctors are looking in the wrong place. They are still convinced the problem comes from the pressure on my pelvis during pregnancy, but after reading several threads about pain in the back and hip/legs on here I suspect my issue is possibly more to do with my endo than a structural problem. If no-one else has had pain during pregnancy then I will be more inclined to trust the drs, and at least rule out endo as the cause.


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Wow, that is crazy. You are right, that is the whole reason we are put on various forms of birth control, so as to give us a mock pregnancy to relieve the pain and symptoms. I can't help you in the way of answering the being pregnant part, BUT everyone is different. I personally do not exhibit the most "common complaints of endo" . Which made it very difficult to diagnose me. And if I were to bet on it, I'd say it was your endo.


I am 22 weeks pregnant and have untreated stage 4 endo. I've had a terrible time of it so far. In the early days when all my organs and womb were moving around to prepare for the baby I had terrible pains. Myself and the midwives put it down to the adhesions and scar tissue stretching as my womb was originally stuck to my bowels. This did ease up although I still get what I suppose are growing pains as I still have a long way to go. I too have been experiencing terrible pelvic pains and am currently having physio for SPD. I've suffered with pelvic and lower back pains for years but a visit to the osteopath usually sorts this out for a few months. Because of this weakness I am apparently more susceptible to SPD anyway. It hasn't occurred to me that this could really be because of my endo. Please let me know if you should find out any more information on this. Sorry to hear you're in so much pain. Hope you find some answers and recover soon. Xxx


Omgosh! Ive never found someone with the same story! Before a spontaneous* lavh/lap hysterectomy (uterus only) I had 2 full pregnancies, each month worse than the month before. My epidural didn't take and my uterus was tilted, so THAT was fun. In fact it was such a shock to my system that I was hospitalized for shock and depression after delivering, and told not to have more kids. So, not everyone gets the benefit of pregnancy making it better. All "fake pregnancy" attempts made it worse too. The pill, mirena(rejected), and loestrin, all jacked with me. So I got tube tied, and 6 months later my uterus decided to swell to a grapefruit. It was putting so much pressure on my lower back that I had sciatica that made me not able to walk, just like pregnancy! Crazy that I went through 2 pregnancies with endo and adenomyosis, and no one knew how to help except say "don't have more kids".

*spontaneous: because I was blacking out, couldn't walk, and hadn't been to the doc in 6 months since my tubal ligation, and as soon as he saw me he scheduled it removed


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