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Are there any effective non-hormone based treatments that work??

I have made the difficult decision to stop taking the Pill or Mirena Coil as I have found any hormones have massively affected my moods to the point where I became severely depressed and anxious. It feels like a choice between excruciating pain and feeling myself, or slightly less pain but a crazy lady! I am due for my next lap on 30th April but before then I would love any advice for any natural treatments or anything that can help which isnt painkillers (got tramadol, mefanemic acid and co-drydamol) or hormones... Thanks K x

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Hi. I'm afraid I've no advice but I'd love to know too. They won't give me the pill due to migraines. I currently have a mirena coil fitted but I don't feel like me at all. I feel as though endo is ruining my life.


Hi Genevieve, I had the Mirena removed after 3 months as couldn't cope with how it affected me psychologically. I don't think there's enough info out there about the side effects of hormone treatment, it doesn't suit everyone. It's sad to hear you say you feel endo is ruining your life, I know how you feel. My symptoms got better after my lap 3 years ago but for the last 6 months I've really struggled again and now in agony every day. Have you had a laparoscopy? I hope you are seeing a decent consultant, that can make a big difference. Sending love, Kate x


Hi Bomberkl. Are you having excision at your lap? Have you tried adjysting your diet? The endo diet ( endo-resolved) is designed to reduce the amount of oestrogen we intake in food & drink & from household products / toiletries & also focuses o foods to eat which help the body excrete excess oestrogen so thus might suit you although it isnt an overnight fix by any stretch if the imagination. I have recently started using peppermint oil capsules & mebevarine to help with the bloating & intestinal spasm I get. I have bought charcoal capsules too for bloating but I havent tried these yet.x


Hi Kate. I had a lap 7 years ago when they confirmed it was endo. But I've not had anything since. They hoped hat having a baby would help. I had my son last year (2013) but it's worse than ever now. I went back to my gynea and they discharged me cause they didn't know what to do. They said the coil was my only option. So I had it fitted but I'm not liking it. I've requested to be referred to a gynae at another hospital. Which they have done.

My son is 13 months old. I'm always tired and so emotional. It's not helping that I've been continuously bleeding since 1st dec.


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