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Would you tell your consultant that you are on the endo diet?

I have a hospital appointment on Monday. I just started the endo diet only since last Thursday and I haven't felt any changes. Unless he asks, I'm doing anything new, I was going to be quiet about it.

Probably there isn't time to talk about it as we are going to discuss about the next lap.

Do you tell your consultant that you are on the endo diet? When you did what were your doctors reactions?

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Worth mentioning, if only to show how you are taking serious steps to help yourself. Depends on consultant -majority of conventional doctors pay very little attention to the effects of diet except low fat, sugar ,salt! I find this strange as we are what we eat! My consultant has shown interest in my medicinal herbalists treatment .I am on endo diet and it will take a good while for you to notice any effects -the first thing I noticed was the bloating which made me look 5months pregnant went down. Herbalist says this is because when body has toxins which it cant deal with,it holds water to try to dilute and expel from the body.So by detoxing,you are ridding yourself of a lot of water.I am not sure if it has done anything for my pain but my migraines,asthma and fatigue are much improved.

Good luck with your appointment.

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If I get a chance I might let him know but he is quite conventional doctor so he might not take much notice.

Your migraines have improved? That is a great news to me. I will try to stick to this diet for a while.



It is not going to make any difference to them. they are not dieticians.

They are only interested in the surgical removal of endo - so as far as the gynae is concerned it is completely irrelevant - same as using a hot water bottle to relieve pain.

He won't be interested in how you relieve your discomfort, only in how he can help.

It is something you do, to not feel so bad - but it has no bearing on the surgery.

You don't get very long at these appointments so stick to the essentials which is

agreeing to a plan of action where the surgeon is involved.

What surgery is to be done, what treatments (medicinal) your wish to undergo before and or after surgery.

What your goals are? for example is your family complete?

Are you still wanting to try for a preganancy?

What treatments you have already tried?

What meds are you on now?

Have you had a DVT (deep vein thrombosis) in the past and are you at high risk of this from surgery?

Do you need to be signed off from work while you await surgery or Do you need strong enough pain killers while you await surgery?

What do you NOT want the surgeon to remove if endo is found there?

Are you planning on IVF for trying to conceive?

Do you want to take the opportunity of the general anaesthetic - to have a mirena installed while you are zonked out (the very best way to get the mirena)?

Do you need to have a smear test done during the op becuase it is too painful to get done while you are awake?

Have you had other surgeries and how did you react to the anesthetic?

Any allergies that you might have and so on.

Think about the appointment and what questions you want answering by the surgeon.

Write them down to remind you and take the list with you.


I usually write up an agenda whether I see a GP or consultant. Otherwise I always forget something and kick myself.

Yes I wanted to concentrate on talking about next lap.

It would be nice if he can sign me off from work while I await surgery but his waiting list is too long so I will never go to work! I go to work sometime the worst condition but my colleagues understands me as I have been there with this pain such a long time.

I have been researching what to do after the lap for a while.

Marina coil sounds good but I am not sure as it can't easily removed if I can't cope with it.

I can't take the combined pill as I have migraine with aura. I just bleed every day with POP.

I tried Zoladex before and it was good from 2nd month but pain soon came back after the last shot. This time endo will be cut out so it will be different but I had really bad migraine during the Zoladex months. I hope endo diet sort out migraine too as daffodil said. During last Zoladex months, I had felt my bone was getting week so I am a bit concerned.

I need to finish type up tomorrow's agenda.




I had a lot of fluid in one of my Ovaries and had been taking Microgynon for 6 months with no joy in reducing the fluid. I then went Vegan in desparation and at my next 6 month check the fluid had gone. As far as the Gyni was concerned it was nothing to do with diet just the Microgynon. I still have problems with Endo and Adenomyosis, but they are a lot worse if I stray from being Vegan or eat too much sugar. It takes time for the diet to help though I'd say at least 6 weeks before you notice any great changes, but I still need to take medication. Everyone is different. Stick with it and know that you are doing your body good. Big hugs xx


Thanks I just started the endo diet the day before the Valentine's day. I didn't think and I thought yes I would do that and I started. It was awkward to eat out for Valentine's as I didn't know which restaurant does gluten free that time:)

Today I bought Genius bread and ate a slice of bread the first time since I started this diet. It was delicious! I bought dairy free spread as well. It had Omega3 which was my excuse! I thought I need to have something nice otherwise I can't continue for long.

I am getting painfull week this week. I wanted to see what the difference would be without painkiller but maybe I should wait next month to experiment? Two weeks won't do any change I suppose.

Take care



Good luck with your appointment and stick with the diet.Chaging diet takes a while to notice any effects,but it is a healthier diet all round .


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