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has anyone else's consultant been reluctant to do a laparoscopy due to previous surgery and possible risks?

my consultant thinks i have endometriosis and i currently have prostap injections. last week i had my 4th monthly injection out of the original 6 prescribed. overall they have helped a bit, probably because my periods have now stopped, but i am still in lots of pain daily. i was hoping to have a laparoscopy soon as i understand this is the only way to know that it is endometriosis for sure. however, i have seen 2 gynacologists that are both reluctant to do this as i had a kidney removed when i was 2 (21 years ago) and they have stated that because of this surgery can't be as accurate and it is possible implications eg they may cut in to my bowel etc. instead of a laparascopy (which i originally thought i would be having after 6 months if the injections dont help) i have now been prescribed 12 injections and to start hormone release therapy on the 6th then to take cerzatte afterwards. ( was on cerzaette for 4 years and 3 or 4 months after coming off this is when my problems started. i have also been discharged by my consultant as i cant be on the books for that length of time - i am at a private hospital under nhs i dont know if that makes a difference)

what im trying to find out is wether anyone has had laparascopy that has also had previous surgery and has it been fine or has their been consequences (eg cutting in to bowel as mentioned above). i am in lots of pain on a daily basis and i am desperate for a diagnosis really and dont know whether to try and "push" for a laparascopy.

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I have had about Six laparoscopies and one laparotomy. The only complications that I have had is from the general anaesthetic (severe sickness, migraines and visual problems) which resolved themselves within two weeks.

You definitely need to have a laparoscopy to determine the cause for your pain etc. I'm afraid you need to be really assertive and demand one.

I was diagnosed over 20 years ago. I have noticed so many differences in the treatment then and now. When I was first told I had endometriosis, laparoscopies were done automatically and before any other treatment was given. Now it seems really difficult to get one. I don't know if this is down to cost?

All surgeries carry a risk of complications but your symptoms and story warrants a laparoscopy.

Maybe doctors are worried about doing repeated surgeries because of scarring. Surgery also can leave scar tissue or adhesions. Sometimes after repeteted surgeries, trauma or endometriosis, these adhesions can cause a lot of problems. They can stick organs together, cause blockages and be very painful.

I have allot of adhesions and things are quite stuck together. I am 43 and been lucky to have three children. If I hadn't had all my surgeries I wouldn't have had my children, so it's a price worth paying for me.

I've never heard about not being able to stay on a gynae's books long term! I certainly have been!

So please take care of yourself and demand a laparoscopy.

Best wishes,

Barbara x


Hi Barbara.

Thank you for taking time to reply. I hadn't heard about only being able to be on someone's book for a short time before.

The first gynecologist I saw said it definitely wasn't endometriosis because my pain is daily not just before menstruation and the second thinks it is especially now I've started responding to prostap injection. Weird how they can say such different things! Both seem to think the risk of laparoscopy outweigh the benefit of it. I am not so sure as it's daily pain and really a different lifestyle to before (lost my job because of lots of absence etc). Back to the doctors (now I've been discharged) with my assertive head on I guess!

That's great news you managed to start a family. I hope you aren't still in lots of pain after 20 years. My symptoms only started April 2013 so I'm new to all of this (if it is endometriosis..)

Vicki x


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