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Mirena. Once it's in place, does it hurt or bother you? Regarding the nylon string, does your partner feel it, could it damage a condom? I have painful and heavy periods. The gynaecologist burnt some cells in the womb which she described as rougher and thicker than normal. She recommended me the Mirena. I started the Micronor POP after one attempt months ago (I stopped because I felt too pessimistic and blue) I am going to try again with the same POP just to be sure. I would like to read some experiences of women who have the Mirena or are taking Micronor pills. Thanks!!!

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Hi Eliken,

I have previously had two Mirena coils, my experience both times is that it is a little uncomfortable immediately and for a few days after it's been fitted.

First time round I spotted for about 6 months which at the time seems endless, but once that had subsided, by using prostap injections, it all settled down and I was then period and pain free for 4 years, with my second one, there was very little spotting and it soon settled and I was period free once again until I had it removed.

The nylon strings are cut quite short, so shouldn't be felt or damage condoms, it certainly never happened to me.

Hope this is helpful,

All the best



Thank you very much! Only one more thing...Did you have any problems with your period before having the mirena ? (such as really painful and very heavy ones). I am rather desperate as I struggle to cope with everything during my period. Thanks again!!!


Good morning.

I have the mirena. I have tried it it twice before...... Hopefully 3rd time lucky! I am trying it again before I embark on the more aggressive drugs and /or further surgery.

I have Endo, adhesions, PCOS, adenomyosis and a fibroid. I am 43 and have been lucky enough to have three children.

The strings on the mirena are cut short but you can feel them as this is what you need to do to check its in place. I asked my hubby if he can feel the strings and he said he couldn't.

I can not feel the mirena now it's in, I had this one put in three weeks ago. It has already made my scheduled period so much lighter. I am spotting but only enough to notice when I wipe (sorry TMI). The only pain I have is some back pain (I have Endo on my uteral ligaments) and some mild shooting pains. All completely normal for me! But not as bad as they were.

Unfortunately 10 days after the mirena was put in I had a ruptured or leaking chocolate cyst. I was in hospital for three nights. I'm not sure if the mirena aggravated the cyst or if it was a coincidence.

Best wishes,

Barbara x


Thanks for that useful information! I am 35 years old. I will have a go once I am back from my trip, because I am going to be in a plane for 16 hours and I don't want to try something new just now. I am on Micronor POP pills, the third day today. We will see if it affects my mood like it happened last time that I tried. I want to be sure that it was the pop pill.

Thank you very much!

Have a good day!!



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