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Yet another day not being able to get out of bed!

Just needed a moan. In so much pain I literally feel like my pelvis is broken! I have stage 4 severe endo and got my next op in April. Been signed off work the last 4 weeks as pain so bad. On decapeptyl which brings with it it's own side effects. Next jab tomorrow which I'm not looking forward too.

Spent the last 3 days struggling to look after my 4 year old in half term who has had chicken pox!

Thank god my husband is now on holiday from work for a few days so he has taken over the child care.

It's so upsetting that I'm not well enough to even look after my son.

This disease is so dibilitating and I HATE IT!!!

Sorry ladies I'm just feeling so sorry for myself today. Looks like I'm going to be on the oromorph today.

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Bless ya I really feel for u I understand exactly where u r coming from I am sick of it all now and am in agony today and have taken the oramorph n still in considerable pain. I am also regally on diclofenac n tramadol n mst . I have a disabled son and a younger daughter and it breaks my heart not being able to do stuff with them I feel useless as a mother at the minutes so totally understand where u r coming from.i went f my 6-8 wk check on Tues after the lap I had at xmas t be told my only option is hysterectomy at 28 yr old so booked tht on Tues just gotta wait now for a date hoping tht it will ease everything because I have enough going on with my son being disabled I am also disabled alongside the endo and have my my daughter tht is healthy n runs rings round us all. Hope u get sorted soon if u want t rant nemore or talk feel free t message me hope u feeling better soon


Hiya spammie85 thanks for your message it helps to know you're not alone sometimes. Wow sounds like you have it tough too. I am 30 so we are around the same age, are you happy to have the hysterectomy? I am not ready for this option as desperate for another baby so they are going to remove what they can in April and then give me a window to try for a baby. Been told I may end up needing IVF though. I think if I am lucky enough to have another baby then a hysterectomy will be the next thing. I have a friend who suffered with endo, she had a hysterectomy at 31 and she said it's the best thing she ever did.

I know what you mean when you say your daughter runs rings round you, my son is the same. Bless him he is such an active child so I feel like a crap mum at the minute. So lucky to have my husband though. Do you have a supportive partner?

I'm with you on the Tramadol and oromorph today. It did knock me out for a few hours earlier so at least I've had some rest. Some days I can't take it though as i don't think it's really safe taking strong pain relief when I'm on my own with my son, so I just suffer.

Just counting down the days until April now for the next op! After being mis diagnosed for 5 years I feel there is finally a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel.

Best of luck with your hysterectomy, I hope you get a date soon. You are also welcome to message me anytime you like. It's nice to make friends who understand.xx


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