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I had a laparoscopy 10 days ago at first they thought i had an abcess on my right ovary but when they went in they discovered severe endo

and chocolate cysts. They removed it and the cysts. also they discovered my bowel had adhered to the back of my womb....after a night in hospital i was sent home. im still off work and iv done very little. The last two days though im getting terrible pains when i wee or poo. also every now and again through out the day does anyone know if this is normal.....please help

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Hi! I had my laparoscopy on the 22nd of January and I still get pain when I go to the toilet! I couldn't empty my bowels for over a week after the op because it hurt so much :( someone told me this may be because of nerve damage due to the laparoscopy but I am not sure of any real answer! Give it some more time and see how you go, some people take longer to recover than others and your insides may still be swollen and inflamed from the op which is why it hurts to go to the toilet (this is what a nurse told me!) hope this helps :)


Do all that you can to keep your bowels working .

Aloe Vera juice



Don't let constipation build up as it can have dire consequences


Hey my bowel was attched to my womb 2 cysts and several adhesions had a d&c to and endo removed on cervix along with a coil fitted. This was in Dec and it has only settled down in last 2 weeks I really thought it hadn't done a thing but now its setlled its better than it was. I kept getting shooting pains around bowel like trapped nerves the nerves have to heal and re-join. Try not to get down I know easier said than done. I took peppermint tea I hate it! But it really helped with bowel drank it 3 times a day, was careful with diet had soups etc for first few weeks this helped. I also took fybogel mebeverine this was a god send!! If your unsure always go to GP x


When I had surgery 30 years ago for endo my dr had a bowel surgeon attend.

My bowel got knicked .

They saved my life with the Bowel dr being there.

Still constipation has been on going.

My dr told me my bowel was adhered to the back of my uterus .

Sounds like a common thing to happen .

I never could conceive after that


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