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How long did it take you to return to normal after being on the depo provera injection?

Hi all,

I have severe endometriosis and after almost back to back surgeries and after Zoladex was put on the depo provera injection. I think all in all I was on it for 18 months or just over.

I just wanted to get a range of how long it took for people to go back to having periods as normal, I know we are all different and my GP said it could take up to 18 months but I just want to know what happened for most people and try to get an average.


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Hi I was on the depo injections until I had my last one September 2012 after being it on just for a year, May 2013 was when I first started bleeding again but up until last month January 2014 there is still no regular pattern except for the chronic ovary pain that is spot on every month and has been since January 2013 :-(


Hello . I was on defo 18months and I started to have bleeds roughly 4 months after however very irregular and i would say it's took roughly 14months to get back to a 'fairly normal' cycle . Xx


I was on it up until September 2012, I am now having regular periods but they only last two days of barely nothing but still bad pain, instead of my usual eight days of heavy bleeding having to change every hour (sorry tmi). I'd also like to know when they are going to go back to normal, because they are definitely not normal for me at the moment. :(


Hi Ladies,

Thanks so much for your replies I didn't get a notification to say you had replied. It's good to hear other people's experiences because I was starting to worry as I know I'm not pregnant and though my ovaries had decided to pack in all together at the age of 23!! I suppose I will just have to be patient. x


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