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Latest lap was clear but still in agony

A year ago I had endo removed from left ovary and bowel. The pain returned after 3 months so I was put on Prostap and Livial. It got so bad a couple of weeks ago I was admitted eto hospital for pain relief and they booked me another lap. I had it yesterday and was told there is no new endo growth. I am really glad but I have no idea why I am in so much pain. The consultant suggested it could be nerve endings from the old lap a year ago. Anyone else experiences this? It seems unlikely it would be so painful a year on.

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Ultrasounds don't show up endometreosis. I also had pain 3 months after my lap, removal of ovary and tube for the same reason as it was stuck to my bowel with endometreosis. My endometreosis 'specialist' said that it couldn't possibly return.

Mine was confirmed with the reaction that I had with the prostrap (3 month course). ie, flare after each injection and reduced pain for the rest of the month. Now that I've finished the course (2months) later I am in agony and now on regular morphine.

Waiting for a hysterectomy and removal of remaining ovary. - I'm 46 so more than happy with this proposed op. Fingers crossed its end of next month.


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