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Am I worried for nothing??

I could be worried over nothing but I thought I'd see if anyone else experienced the same thing! I'm 20 years old and on 30th dec 2013 I had a lap and they discovered endo which they removed. I rushed into everything quite quickly afterwards. After a week I was back at work and had had sex. Everythig has been going fine. I'm in the pill (microgynon 30) ad haven't had a break since the op because I was told I didn't have to also I've had things that I've need to do which I'd rather nt bleed for! Anyway last night I went to bed in a bit f pain and this morning I was in worse pain. I ha bleed quite a bit and when I went to the toilet it was a brownie colour more than red. Has this happened to anyone else? Could it just be to do with the scar tissue or could it be a possible sign of pregnancy? Sorry about the detail just don't know what to do xxx

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Brownie darker blood is old blood being released from the body. Sometimes when on the pill continuous you may have little bleeds occassionally and it may be that is what you are having and is old blood that has lost it's oxygen. If you are worried you may be pregnant perhaps try a test and then you will be able to eliminate that as a cause if comes back negative. Hope this helps a bit x


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