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Agony after sex, nothing is helping!

I've been waiting for the lap for a couple of months but the doctors suspect it's endorsed, I've been bleeding non stop for nearly 3 months and was finally prescribed tranexamic acid which has helped but I've never felt more exhausted.

Like all endo sufferers I seem to bleed after sex and have pain but I've never had anything like this morning, I was doubled over crying in agony and nearly being sick from the pain, I couldn't stop shaking it was so bad. It was like terrible period pains but constant and without the break, has anyone else had anything like this? Hours later it's starting to ease off but I'm scared of it happening the next time I have sex. I'm starting to get scared about what the lap is going to tell me!

Thanks, any advice on this would be appreciated.

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I had it too this month, the day after s.x I had my second period of the month. This was the first time it has happened to me, scared to have s.x again as I am positive I am anaemic again and don't want to bleed any more than I have to x


You poor thing that sounds dreadful. If it's making you feel that ill I seriously think you should avoid intercourse completely for the moment. I can't imagine any considerate partner wanting to inflict that on you anyway and if they aren't considerate enough to take your pain into account then, really, why have sex with them? Certainly my husband is very unhappy about inflicting any pain on me via intercourse and so we, ahem, are doing other things for the moment. I'm waiting to see a gynae but my pain is possibly more prolapse related, at least that is the theory. After a very painful doctors examination she couldn't think why it hurt that much, said 'I don't know' when asked and that the 'prolapse looked alright' whatever that might mean! The waiting time for a lap, I was told by the gynae I saw, is only meant to be 3 months and that is all I had to wait last year. Although I am sure that it varies depending on location I think that is the target time set by the Government. Perhaps you should let your gynae or GP know that things are getting worse for you as time progresses? Try and take as much care of yourself as you can, put your needs first for the moment. Best of luck.

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I don't know if this is helpful or not but my gynae told me that bleeding after sex isn't caused by endo, but the pain certainly is. The bleeding is normally caused by cervical "erosion" or "ectropian". I had this and she cauterized it but the bleeding has come back and it usually happens when the paid does so I don't know if I believe her!!

I completely sympathise with you. The pain is awful and sex is supposed to be a special thing between partners but the pain is too much to bear. I don't think I have had the pain as bad as you though, so I think what dizasterdeb said is probably right - maybe hold off for a while and see how you feel. Saying that, I am not aware of having sex when you have endo causing any damage, but what do I know, I am waiting for diagnosis (although have done months of obsessive research lol).


Your Doc is on the right track.

A number of things cause sex pain - cervical erosion is high on the list, and vry common if you have had heavy prolonged periods.

Also if your utertus has become stuck in the retroverted position (with adhesions holding it in place not allowing it move around) this puts the cervix out of alignment.

Adhesions growing on th damaged tissue of the cervix and the inside or outside walls of th vagina are like a corset or really strong sticking plaster prevnting expansion of the vagina.

When forced to expand these stretch and tear and rip th adhesions causing injury and bleeding inside and outside the vaginal walls which just encourages more adhesions to grow.

If sex hurts it is you body telling you STOP - it is getting hurt with this sex act and doesn't want you to do it.

Now you might want to try being on top facing your partners toes, which is a better position for sex in a retrovertd uterus and may help quite bit as you are in control of the process

But as has been mentioned many times - avoiding vaginal penentration and instead being more inventive will save you pain and allow you to still be intimate and have fun.

Hand jobs or Mouth jobs.... or if you are willing - anal, are all possible alternatives to consider. Sorry if that's TMI for some - but needs must if the usual options are no longer an option and you still want to share intimate time with your partner.

Having an understanding partner is essential. Not all relationships can survive these issues but if you keep on communicating and are willing to explore different positions and different methods then it is possible to retain an intimate relationship without resorting to vaginal pentration that hurts far too much. Sex should be fun and enjoyable not painful and something you dread or causes you injury.


Hello again - Just wanted to add that there is also frotting and intercrural sex. Might be easiest to do a search for these on the internet to get the best explanations rather than suffer me fumbling for words. X


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