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irregular periods

I have only really been tracking my cycles since I was trying for a baby before I was diagnosed with endo s3/4. I have been on a course of prostap which I had my last injections 29/08 my first period after this (which was horrendous) was on 8th September - I never had another one until 14th December. its not been 38 days since period and I still haven't come on. me and my partner have unprotected sex as we have been trying for a baby for a long time. However not actively at present due to so much disappointment, and being told by consultant that would be impossible to conceive naturally. However I never seem to hear of people with this level of endo having such sparse periods . some months I can have one every 20 days with break through bleeding but then others I've gone 45 days plus without a period. I did a preg test on Friday which was neg. it breaks my heart to see this every time so was just looking for other people who have the same irregularity? if so have they had any other conditions diagnosed alongside endo which are the cause?

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I would suggest that you have a chat with your GP and ask for some hormone blood tests to do be done.

I have PCOS as well and my cycle was very irregular. I could go for months without a period and other times my period would come every 3 weeks!

It could be that the GNRH Is still in your system but I think it would be beneficial to get your hormone levels checked also.

Best of luck.

Barbara x


Hi Barbara

thanks for your reply, I was checked for this prior to endo and came back clear apparently the hormone they usually see in samples of sufferers of PCOS were not present at the 3 different times I was tested, ultra sound showed no cysts in the ovaries other than endometrioma's on stems. outside of them. the periods were like this before I started the prostap but I put it down to endo. but since talking on here the problem seems to be more of an issue with excessive and frequent bleeding not long cycles.

thank you for you help non the less xx


The doctors can still do hormone tests at different days of your cycle. It sounds as though something is going on with your hormones as your periods are either too short or too long. If your cycle is shorter than 24 days or longer than 35 days, this is classed as abnormal.



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