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Endometriosis treatment advise!

Endometriosis treatment advise!

I am 24 years old and have two beautiful boys. I had a natural child birth with my last son and difficulty with stoping bleeding. After about month after I delivered I started to have a terrible sharp pain in right overy area. It last about 3 seconds and continues about every 3 minutes anywhere from a hour to several hours every few days. I went to obgyn and started on birth control pills, I had not been taking birth control prior to this because I am nursing baby. Pills did not help so then OB says he thinks I have endo and said it was probably triggered from difficult delivery and we did laparoscopy and hysteroscopy. Confirmation of endo and removal of tissue from overy to Colin was removed I was diagnosed with moderate endo. Doc told me pain was caused from tissue. Week after surgery when I stopped taking pain meds pain came back. Now doc wants to start me on a hormone shot but I don't want to take hormones at such a young age. Any similar stories or treatment advise?

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Have you considered the Mirena coil? A lot of ladies have great results (unfortunately some have a bad time with the Mirena- like all treatments).

The hormones are slowly released into the womb and once it is in place, it can last upto 5 years.

Best of luck.

Barbara x

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No I have not tried it! I am still looking into different treatment options. Thank for your response


Have you tried progesterone only pill? Works for some people. I've been on it for years, had my 5 laparoscopy due to urinary retention jan 10th 2014, when they went in they found my endo had shrunk. Had my 4th lap in March 2013 and my bladder and bowel were fused together, they rectified this. Good luck x


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