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Top of leg and skin tenderness??

I have endo, diagnosed FINALLY in septmeber. I have to ask does anybody else at the end of their period suffer sore pains and tenderness at the top of their leg / thighs!! it feels sore to touch and the top and under skin itself feels tender. Really hard to explain (I hope you all get what im trying to say? )

Anybody else have this or knwo what I'm on about, please reply xx

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Hi, I get exactly the same. I have no idea why or what causes it though.


Hi, Claire,

Yes I have the same thing ! You need to mention it to your consultant.

Your right it's very hard to explain. Tell the dr exactly what you have typed.

It will help them assess were the endo is and the extent of it.

I've had endo since I was about 20 and I'm 51 now. No one ever listened to me when I tried to repeatedly tell drs.

Things are changing and drs do take more no notice now. Especially now you have a diagnosis. So don't let any one dismiss it ! Xxx


Thank you so much for this reply. I agree totally with you as it took me nearly 7 years to get my diagnosis :( My gyne cons has since discharged me over to urology for tests and investigation to my bladder and kidneys :(

Who do you think i need to report this too? xx


Hi Claire.

I get the same thing, except I have that pain most of the time (I also have pain most of the time). My mother (nurse) believes it's because the endo is on or near nerves. I'm on medications for nerve pain and it helps. But talk to your doctor.


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