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Pain after colonoscopy?

I had a colonoscopy yesterday and although it didn't hurt too much during, I've had a lot of what feels like endo pain since. This started once I was in the recovery room and hasn't stopped since. The doctor couldn't see any endo in my bowel so I'm wondering if it could be growing on it. Is it normal to have pain afterwards? Thanks in advance x

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Did they pump you up with gas to be able to better see what was going on?

If they did then that gas is most likely what is causing a lot of pain - trapped initially but it will dissipate gradually - and pain killers are essential while that process takes place.

Gas pains can cause a lot of painful discomfort. burp and fart it out as quick as you are able to. There's no other way to get rid, so don't be bashful about it.

Peppermint can help speed up the process, but pain killers certainly help too.

Don't eat anything or drink anything that is gas inducing and will make the problem worse. No fizzy drinks or beans or sprouts - that type of stuff is best avoided for a few days.


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